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Federalists Vs. Antifederalists by Mind Map: Federalists Vs. Antifederalists
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Federalists Vs. Antifederalists


Found many problems in the constitution

Argued that the document would give the country a new and untested from of government

Stessed the virtues of local rule and associated central power with tyrannical monarchs

Thought that the Constitution gave the president too much power

Critisized the Constitution for its lack of the Bill of Rights

Believed in a type of government known as agrarian republicanism


Focused their arguments on the defects of national government under the Articles of condfederation

More favorably disposed toward comerce

Argued that a strong cental government would house the commercial growth of the new country

More aware of the economic and social changes transforming American society

Three Federalists wrote the Federalists papers (John Jay, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison)

Federalists Papers

John Jay, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison

Communicates the cental ideas of the Federalists

Makes a persuasive case for the need of a federal gov. in keeping order and securing the liberty of a lage republic

States that a weak union of the states will make the country more vulnerable to internal and external damage (civil war and invasion from foreign powers)

The Federalist number 10 is the most famous. Written by James Madison

The Outcome

After the Constitution had been created, Federalists leaders retuned to their states to elect Federalists delagates to the state conventions

By 1790,all thirteen states had ratified the document, giving the Federalists a great victory

1791,the Bill of Rights was added like the Antifederalists wanted