federalists vs. antifederalists

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federalists vs. antifederalists by Mind Map: federalists vs. antifederalists

1. what the federalists believed:

1.1. *articles of confederation were inadiquit. *benifits of a national gov. *strong central gov. *did not see society made up mostly of armers. *more aware of social and economic changes. *federalist papers *preserving order. *securing liberty in a large republic *factions *thought elected reps would show national intrest better then everyone voting.

2. who were federalists:

2.1. *wealthy elite *alexander hamilton *james madison *jonh jay *george washington *benjamin franklin

3. what the anti federalists believed:

3.1. *feared local governments would lose power. *feared federal or national government would get too much power. *belived each state should have its own gov. *stressed virtue of local rule. *feared the constitution gave too much power to the president. *wanted a bill of rights. *too few reps for too many people. *democratic freedom was best in agricultural societies. *a large country like the US could not be supported by one national government. *wanted rights of citizens to be protected.

4. who were anitfederalists:

4.1. *poor *farmers * tradesmen *patrick henry *george mason * edmund randolph *thomas jefferson