Unplugging From the Commercial Software Grid: Why Free is Better Even if you have a budget

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Unplugging From the Commercial Software Grid: Why Free is Better Even if you have a budget by Mind Map: Unplugging From the Commercial Software Grid: Why Free is Better Even if you have a budget

1. LMS Moodle

2. Creative Commons

3. OER

3.1. Khan Academy

3.2. OER Commons

3.3. OER Consortium

4. Open Courseware

4.1. Merlot

4.2. Open Learn Learning Space

4.3. Digital Enterprise

4.4. Open Courseware Finder

4.5. NSDL

4.6. Carnegie Mellon

5. Open Ebooks

5.1. Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts

5.2. Project Gutenberg

5.3. University of Virginia Library

5.4. Manybooks.net

5.5. Oreilly Open

5.6. Gabriel Gurley Open Office

5.7. Open Text Book

5.8. Flat World Knowledge

5.8.1. Build Your Own

5.8.2. Remixable

6. Articles/Talks

6.1. When Ed Resources are Open

6.2. Moodle Pros and Cons

6.3. Open Source As a Strategy

6.4. People Power Peer Production

6.5. Disruptive Technology Talk: Jason Cole

6.6. Open Content, Peer Production and Creativity

6.7. Why Free is Better than Open Source

7. Moodle (Open Aggregation)

7.1. Moodle

7.1.1. Blackboard Course Converter

7.1.2. Security Issues

7.2. Moodle in Montana

7.3. North Carolina CC System Moodle Assessment Reports

7.4. Me and My Friend Moodle

8. Open Media

8.1. Open Photo

8.2. Public Domain Photos

8.3. New node

9. Open Collaboration

10. Other Related Presentations

10.1. Austin MoodleMoot 2010

10.2. The Long Tail of Higher Education

10.3. Educause Webcast David Wiley BYU

10.4. Moodle Feasibility and Coming Disruptive Change

11. Kent Brooks

11.1. WOSC Page

11.2. Kentbrooks.com

11.3. Contact Me

11.4. 2

11.4.1. MiiCharacters

11.4.2. Create Mii

11.4.3. My Avatar Editor

12. An Amazing Trend/Fact?

12.1. 1

13. Ideas from the Audience

14. Our State of Mind: An Over View

15. So Why is Free Better

15.1. Reason #1 All the really really smart people work for someone else and live somewhere else

15.2. Reason #2 We can give stuff away

15.2.1. Software for Starving Students

15.3. Reason #3 We can give our teachers a better selection of tools and becasue of reason

15.4. Reason #4 We can save money on licensing software.

15.5. Reason #4.5 Because of Reason 4 you can save money on hardware

15.6. Reason # 5 Free will allow us to Automate Humanization

15.6.1. 5

15.7. Reason #6 Free Drive Innovation

15.8. Reason #7 We are Us...They are Them...but Everyone Expects us to be Them

15.8.1. 4

15.9. Reason #8 We have been able to reallocate resources to improve teaching and learning

15.9.1. New node


17. My Disclaimers

17.1. Unplugging Not Unplugged

17.1.1. Prezi: Free for Education Moving beyond Slide

17.1.2. Mindmeister: Not Free but Cheap

17.1.3. ...and by the way I like and still use Microsoft

17.2. Free and Open Source are not always the same...but are sort of the same

18. Common Questions/Statements about Open Source

18.1. Who will you call at 2:00am

18.2. Open Source Isn't Free

18.2.1. Reduced TCO Additional Software Staffing LMS Licensing Hosting

18.3. You get what you pay for

18.3.1. 3

18.3.2. Wiki Moodle 1.4 (2004); Bb Learn 9.1 (2010)Blog: Moodle 1.5/1.6 (2005) BbLearn 9.1 (2010)

18.3.3. Quicker Pace of Develpment

18.4. If the code is exposed can't anyone hackit

18.4.1. Site Wide SSL

18.4.2. 0 incidents

18.5. What happens if the guy dies

18.5.1. Photo by Steve Jurvetson: Flicker Creative Commons

18.5.2. Question Source: Presentation by Patrick Masson CTO UMass Online "Technology during an Economic Crisis: The Benefits of Open Source" Augus 2010

18.6. You'll Need to hire a Developer

18.6.1. Savings from LMS in conjunction with increased enrollments has allowed Western to hire Instructional Design Support, Online Coordinator and

18.7. What is it?

19. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

19.1. The Good

19.1.1. There Are Options

19.1.2. A significant user base

19.1.3. Many coders posting regular updates

19.1.4. Backed by VCs, a major company, or foundation

19.1.5. Uses a standard open source license (GPL)

19.2. The Bad

19.2.1. One Coder

19.2.2. Working out of a garage

19.2.3. Last update 3 years ago

19.2.4. No Stated users

19.2.5. Stated License Use this as you wish

19.3. The Ugly

19.3.1. Not Thinking you have a Choice


21. Thinking about Open Source

21.1. There is not One Killer Application/Solution

21.2. If you are Risk Averse don't try this at work

21.3. Major open source software applications are written at least as well as leading commercial products (often by the same people),

21.4. Enthusiastically supported by expert and helpful developers (as opposed to knowledge-free call center staff),

21.5. Transparently licensed (via industry-standard agreements).

21.6. The hazards of open source are those typically discussed as objections by “experts” about commercial software unstable or insecure software, availability of support, and legal issues.

22. Benefits

22.1. Reduced TCO

22.2. Quicker Pace of Development

22.3. Stability

22.4. Integration and interoprability

22.5. Transparency

22.6. Reliability

22.7. Overview of Benefits

23. Open Source

23.1. GPL

23.2. GNU

23.3. Philosophy

24. Tools we Use

24.1. Open Source

24.1.1. Web Page: CMS Made Simple

24.1.2. Web Conferencing DimDim Big Blue Button

24.1.3. Open Office

24.1.4. Word Press

24.1.5. Web Services

24.2. Free

24.2.1. Google Apps for Education

24.2.2. Prezi

24.3. Commercial

24.3.1. Turnit In

24.3.2. Big Web Apps

24.3.3. MS Office

24.3.4. Site Pal

24.3.5. Voice Thread

25. The Clould

26. The Cloud

26.1. Jaycut

26.2. Why We do what we do