Visual Art (new course 2015)

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Visual Art (new course 2015) by Mind Map: Visual Art (new course 2015)

1. Studio

1.1. Curatorial Exhibition

1.1.1. Assessment 700 HL/SL 400? words curatorial rationale (the journey of the artwork within the overall "theme") Do not start with the theme Submit 8-11 artworks/SL 4-7 Submit art text title, size, medium and intention 2 overall photos of exhibition Criteria overview Criteria bands

1.2. Artwork

1.2.1. Assessment note* Criteria overview extra HL component Criteria bands

1.2.2. Part of journal - all three art forms must be performed 3D 2D Digital/Lens based

1.2.3. Exhibition - only one of the artmaking forms need be submitted

2. Journal (research and process)

2.1. Assessment External 13-25 screens HL/9-18 SL

2.1.1. Crteria bands

2.2. HL students submit 13–25 screens which evidence their sustained experimentation, exploration, manipulation and refinement of a variety of art-making activities. For HL students the submitted work must have been created in at least three art-making forms, selected from a minimum of two columns of the art-making forms table.

3. Comparative study

3.1. Assessment

3.1.1. HL students submit 10–15/SL screens which examine and compare at least three artworks, at least two of which need to be by different artists. The works selected for comparison and analysis should come from contrasting contexts (local, national, international and/or intercultural).

3.1.2. HL students submit 3–5 screens which analyse the extent to which their work and practices have been influenced by the art and artists examined.

3.1.3. HL students submit a list of sources used.

3.1.4. Criteria overview Criteria bands