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spiritual life = love receive - spread the grace of god 靈性生活=愛 接受----散發出上帝的恩典 by Mind Map: spiritual life = love receive - spread the grace of god  靈性生活=愛 接受----散發出上帝的恩典
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spiritual life = love receive - spread the grace of god 靈性生活=愛 接受----散發出上帝的恩典

virtue 美德

love 愛

see Jesus in everyone and anything 看見耶穌在每個人及所有事物中

respect 尊敬

joy 喜樂

gratitude 感恩

see the good everywhere 看見美好無處不在

positive - hope 積極---盼望

hope 盼望

everything for some good reason 所有的事,出發點都是善與美意

never say i cannot improve

never give up 永不放棄

even things go wrong trust the love of god 即使事情變得糟透了信任愛的上帝

pray-press here 禱告--請點選此處

always study the christian faith 不斷研究學習基督教信仰

bible 聖經

theology 神學

if you do not study you do not realy love god 如果你沒有學習研究你不是真的愛上帝

studying is a kind of praying 研究學習也是一種祈禱

nobody knows COMPLETELY the faith 沒有人可以完全了解信仰

love- learn to give and receive love 愛--學習接受與付出愛

god 上帝

family 家庭

others 他者

enemies 敵人

universe 宇宙

myself 我自己

do not demand the love of others. but accept gratefully if it comes, this makes you humble 不要求別人的愛。當愛萊臨以感激的心接受,這可以使你謙卑

do the good 善行

work honestly 在職場上誠實

your job is not only for money but your contribution to society 工作不是只為了金錢而是貢獻於社會

voluntery work for good purpose 在有意義的事上做義工

teach others the love of god 教導他人上帝的愛

participate to sacraments 參與教會聖事

holy communion 聖禮儀

confession 告解

without sacraments you are spiritually dead 沒有教會聖事你的靈性是死的

improve gradually, cannot be perfect at once (the spiritual ladder)漸漸成長, 無法立刻完美(屬靈階梯)

this life is not everything (money success etc.. 這一生不是所有事都是(金錢,成功.....等等)

fasting - control food 齋戒---控制食物

spiritual friends 屬靈的朋友

go to church 來到教會

not greedy 不要貪心

do not accuse others 不要指控他人

control anger 控制憤怒

self examination 自我反省

repentance 悔改

remember the pain of others and the death 記得他人的痛苦和死亡

obedience to others (refuse my selfishness) 服從他人(拒絕以自我中心)

stillness of body and soul 身體與靈魂無雜念

enlightenment of god 神的啟示


不斷悔改repent always

my sins 我的罪

the more i become spiritual the more i repent 當我越屬靈越覺得需要悔改

feel responsibility for ALL HUMAN BEINGS , FOR EVERYTHING, we are not individuals 覺得對全人類對萬物須負起責任,我們不是單獨的個體

clean your mind 潔淨你的思想

by sacraments 藉由教會的聖事

by prayer 藉由禱告

by studying theology 藉著研究神學

by hard work 藉由認真的工作

feel the pain of the world . Colos. 1:24 倒覺得喜樂,并且為基督的身體、就是教會、 在我肉身上補替他受的苦難所未受盡的

every minute 1 baby dies from hunger 每一分鐘就有一個嬰兒死於飢餓

so many babies from abortion , feel the pain that they are murdered by parents 被墮胎的嬰兒,感到傷痛他們的父母親謀殺他們

pain suffering of every creature 眾生之痛難

you cannot ignore others and care for yourself only 你不能忽視他者只在乎自己

make this pain YOUR PAIN 人飢己飢

spread the love and grace of god to the world. 將上帝的愛及恩典散布世界

do something specific and practical to help 必須是明確及實際的幫助

do not ask to be saved ALONE without your brothers 不要祈求自己得救而不顧你的弟兄


rom 12:15 要與喜樂的人 一同喜樂,與哀哭的人 一同哀哭

by enduring the pain and suffering, curry my cross 若有人要跟從我、就當捨己、背起他的十字架來跟從我

as participation to the pain of the world col 1:24  

accept your pain as offering to God 接受你的痛苦如獻祭歸規上帝

keeping the commandments of god 守上帝誡命的、住在上帝里面,上帝也住在他里面。在這一點、 我們就知道上帝住在我們里面,是由于他所賜給我們的靈

1 John 3:24

by being a good example to others 作他人的好榜樣

everything you do , influence others 你所做的每件事, 都會引想他者

your kids copy your behavior more than your words 兒女總是仿效父母

sometimes god hides His presence or love to you. do not be afraid. this happens to all spiritual people. he does so, to make you more mature , and then appears more strongly again 有時上帝隱藏祂的存在或愛你,不要害怕,這發生所有屬靈的人。祂這樣做 ,讓你更成熟,更強烈,然後你會感受到上帝強烈的臨在