Men's Impact on the Environment

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Men's Impact on the Environment by Mind Map: Men's Impact on the Environment

1. Deforestation

1.1. LOSS OF forests due to the removal or clearance of trees in forested areas like the Amazon Forest. Trees can be cleared by BURNING or cutting.

1.2. TRESS FELLED are for wood to make products like paper and building materials.

1.3. TREES ARE removed to clear the area for mining and agriculture.

1.4. FORESTS ABSORB billions of tonnes of CO2 in a process called photosynthesis. With fewer trees, The CO2 level in the atmosphere is INCREASED, leading to ENHANCED GREENHOUSE EFFECT.

1.5. LOSS OF TREES exposes soil to direct sunlight. Direct sunlight increases carbon oxidation rate in the soil, leading to an INCREASED amount of CO2 being released.

2. Agriculture

2.1. PRACTICE OF cultivating lands, producing crops and raising livestock.

2.2. THIRD LARGEST contributor of greenhouse gases.

2.3. Cattle farming produces millions of tonnes of methane, a greenhouse gas.

2.4. Use of inorganic fertilizers releases nitrogen oxide, another greenhouse gas.

3. Burning of fossil fuels

3.1. Burning of fossil fuels to produce ELECTRICITY to meet the daily needs of the mankind releases the most amount of CO2.

3.1.1. Since industrialization, CO2 levels in the atmosphere have been INCREASING EXPONENTIALLY.

4. Urbanisation

4.1. MORE PEOPLE are living in cities. This results in increasing demand of ELECTIRCITY to carry out housework such as cooking, cleaning, etc.

4.2. BUILDING OF infrastructure also releases CO2.

4.3. Cars on roads and planes in air also release large amounts of CO2 everyday.

5. Industralization

5.1. MANUFACTURING OF PRODUCTS like computers release millions of tonnes of CO2. For example, manufacturing a computer releases 60 kg of CO2

6. Excessive release of carbon dioxide(CO2)

6.1. Global carbon dioxide emission totalled 30.6 billion tonnes, which was a 5.6% increase from 2009.

6.2. Enhanced Greenhouse effect


7. Uncontrolled fishing techniques

7.1. THESE TECHNIQUES are used to catches marine life UNSELETIVELY

7.2. AN EXAMPLE is the use of drift nets, trawlers and scallop dredges and cyanide fishing,

7.3. THIS RESULTS in extinction of marine life.

8. Pollution

8.1. AIR pollution

8.2. HAZE!



9. Finally, i Can add my comments to your mindmap. Anyhow, your green lines do link up related content well and it does