Man's Impact On The Environment

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Man's Impact On The Environment by Mind Map: Man's Impact On The Environment

1. Depleting Natural Resources

1.1. Deforestation,resulting in

1.1.1. Soil Erosion

1.1.2. Flooding

1.1.3. Desertifiation

1.1.4. Climate Changes

1.1.5. Decline In Biodiversity Causes Extinction

1.2. Uncontrolled Fishing Practices,resulting in

1.2.1. Decrease In Fish Population

1.2.2. Destruction Of Marine Habitat

2. Water Pollution,caused by

2.1. Untreated Sewage,leads to

2.1.1. Rapid Increase In Bacteria Numbers Organisms Die Due To Lack Of Oxygen In Water

2.2. Excessive Use Of Inorganic Fertilisers,leads to

2.2.1. Rapid Increase In Algae Growth Euthrophication

2.3. Inorganic Waste

2.4. Insecticides

2.4.1. Inorganic Waste Or Insecticides Accumulate In Bodies Of Consumers Top Consumers Suffer Toxic Effects Due To Bioaccumulation