Input and Output Devices

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Input and Output Devices by Mind Map: Input and Output Devices

1. Input Devices are used to put data into a computer

1.1. Webcam

1.1.1. Positives Can capture video and still images Incorporates audio via microphone Inexpensive

1.1.2. Negatives Resolution is less than a digital camera May be used inappropriately No independent storage

1.1.3. Application to Learning For language learners the opportunity to practice communicating with a native speaker

2. Output Devices are used to share data from a computer

2.1. Electronic Whiteboard

2.1.1. Positives Can display a connected computer’s screen Interactive software can be used Can capture and save what is written on board

2.1.2. Negatives Expensive Steep learning curve for teacher and students

2.1.3. Application to Learning Students can interact with the whiteboard and save their work. Writing practice can become a whole-class activity with students taking turns writing sentences in a paragraph or story. Resulting work can be saved and shared with others.