Shutter Island

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Shutter Island by Mind Map: Shutter Island

1. Characters / Claire Munns

1.1. Andrew Laeddis

1.1.1. Imaginative He is shown as the 'villain' through teddy's eyes and he appears to be his enemy. Teddy believes that he set fire to the building that his wife was in and that is how she died.

1.1.2. Real He hates himself. He killed his wife in revenge for killing their three children. He is actually patient 67 however he cannot deal with what happened and what he did so he creates an imaginative world to escape reality.

1.2. Teddy Daniels

1.2.1. US marshal

1.2.2. He hates Andrew Laeddis as he thinks he killed his wife however he actually is Andrew and created teddy in order to forget.

1.2.3. He suffers from headaches (actually medication withdrawal symptoms)

1.3. Chuck Aule/Dr. Sheen

1.3.1. US marshal (teddy's partner)

1.3.2. He pretending to be his partner however he is actually his primary psychiatrist (Dr. Sheen) at Ashecliffe.

1.4. Dr Crawley

1.4.1. psychiatrist

1.5. Dolores

1.5.1. Imaginative She died in a fire that Andrew Laediss apparently set.

1.5.2. Real She killed her three children by drowning them in the lake. She mentally ill however never sought help.

2. Relationships / Sophie Terry

2.1. Chuck Aule

2.1.1. Teddy Daniels Chuck is Teddy's partner in their investigation of Shutter Island and patient no. 67. Chuck appears to be second in command and allows Teddy to make the investigation decisions, and follows Teddy's orders and judgements. Teddy is initially very trusting of Chuck as he believes that Chuck is the one other person he can trust on the island. But as the movie progresses on, Teddy becomes skeptical of where Chuck's loyalties lie and which side he is fighting to protect, Teddy's or the staff of Shutter Island. Teddy does not make known to Chuck his distrust of him.

2.1.2. Andrew Laeddis Chuck appears to be hesitant and cautious when around Andrew Laeddis (a.k.a Teddy Daniels, a.k.a Patient no. 67). We find out at the end of the movie that Chuck has agreed to play along with the mental hospitals' attempt to "fix" Andrew by letting him play out this illusional, fantasy scenario in his head. Chuck does his best to keep reality closed off from Andrew to prevent Laeddis becoming aware of his undermining and deceptive ways.

2.1.3. Dr Crawley Chuck is working with Dr Crawley to create the illusion for Andrew Laeddis, that he is the private investigator Teddy Daniels, in order to "assist" him in discovering his own fate and crimes. Hopefully, this will lead Andrew to the admittance and acceptance of what he did to his wife, ultimately leading to Andrew finding peace and resolution from his psychotic behavior.

2.2. Dr Crawley

2.2.1. Teddy Daniels Throughout the entire movie, Dr Crawley uses deception against "Teddy Daniels". His behavior and attitude cause suspicion and doubt to arise in Teddy. Teddy does not yet realize why Dr Crawley is so curious of how Teddy reacts to each event that takes place whilst on Shutter Island as Teddy is unknown of his true identity. This causes confusion from Teddy, who is a person with time on his mind and is not one to wait to answers being denied to him by Dr Crawley and the other staff and patients in the mental facility.

2.2.2. Andrew Laeddis Dr Crawley and Andrew Laeddis' relationship is manipulative and deceitful. Dr Crawley uses Andrew as a test subject as he play with Andrew's thoughts and emotions. Ultimately Dr Crawley wants to see how far he can push Andrew before he snaps, therefore resulting in his last attempt at redemption for Andrew, lobotomy.

2.2.3. Chuck Aule Chuck is working with Dr Crawley to create the illusion for Andrew Laeddis, that he is the private investigator Teddy Daniels, in order to "assist" him in discovering his own fate and crimes. Hopefully, this will lead Andrew to the admittance and acceptance of what he did to his wife, ultimately leading to Andrew finding peace and resolution from his psychotic behavior.

2.3. Andrew Laeddis

2.3.1. Dolores Dolores is Andrew's wife, who is responsible for the deaths of their three children. We learn that Andrew had a drinking problem and decided to use this to deal with the issues of Dolores' mental health. Ultimately, Andrew became distant and detached from his wife which caused her to lash out to gain his attention, by drowning each of her children in the lake by their house. This left Andrew to have a psychotic break, leading to him murdering his wife for the crime she committed, and he was admitted to Shutter Island - the mental hospital.

2.3.2. Dr Crawley Dr Crawley and Andrew Laeddis' relationship was manipulative and deceitful. Dr Crawley played many tricks on Andrew to study his mind, feelings and thoughts. He helped to play along with Andrew's delusion as Teddy Daniels as he was allowing Andrew to have one more attempt for his redemption but it later failed as Andrew refused to come to terms with what he had done and the story that Dr Crawley had told him. Andrew was smart, and in that he was able to manipulate Dr Crawley into believing that he had had another mental breakdown and that lobotomy was the only answer, when the truth was that Andrew simply wanted to detach himself from his memory forever.

2.3.3. Chuck Aule Andrew's relationship with Chuck changes immensely throughout the movie. At the beginning of the film, Andrew is trusting of Chuck as he believes that Chuck is there only to get to the bottom of the case and has Andrew's best interests at heart. But as the film progresses on, Andrew becomes suspicious of Chuck's behavior as Chuck's facade begins to fall apart; leaving clues that Andrew later pieces together. Andrew then becomes distant from Chuck as he does not trust him anymore. After everything is revealed to Andrew, he is still kind to Chuck now that he is aware of his true intentions and the role that Chuck really had to play in the film.

2.3.4. Teddy Daniels Although Teddy Daniels and Andrew Laeddis are the same person, I believe that their relationship is still significant throughout the film. The creation of Teddy Daniels was Andrew's form of escape from his past and guilt that he still felt for the death of his wife and children. As Andrew created Teddy in his own mind, he created someone who was a strong authority figure (U.S Marshall). He created Teddy to be in a position to interview/ask all the questions required to discover what truly happened to himself and what is currently happening to the patients on Shutter Island. He created Teddy to be reserved and closed off from others; trust not coming easily to him as he distanced himself from firstly his partner, Chuck Aule, then later all of the doctors and staff on the island. I believe that Andrew and Teddy were almost working together to move past the horrible things that they had done/had been done onto them as either one of them wanted to get off the island and be healthy and happy in their lives. But ultimately neither Teddy or Andrew could withstand the amount of weight they both felt on their shoulders and decided to give up entirely, seeing no escape or chance at a better life.

3. Key Events / Isobel Hearn

3.1. The lighthouse scene, when he realizes he is in the mental institution.

3.1.1. He goes crazy, and has flash backs, with his wife, and find out that his wife killed his kids.

3.2. The cave scene, and denying that he is going crazy.

3.2.1. Teddy Daniels denys that he is "crazy" and is intreed to what rachel is saying, but doesnt want to beleive it.

3.3. The end scene, when he chooses to go up to the lighthouse, and says "which would be worse, die at a monster or live as a good man"

3.3.1. This last scene, is very significant, as the quote is very confusing and leaves the audience with a brand twister, as to what he is going to do.