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Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Mobile Apps

1. Classroom Management

1.1. These apps will help keep you organized and on task in the classroom.

1.1.1. Notability This app allows you to take notes and annotate files. Easy to use on any IOS device by opening a file directly with Notability. Can make revisions during writing on complete a worksheet on their device. It can also work with your Google Drive.

1.1.2. Edmodo This is a social learning platform that connects teachers and students. Can create different groups for you class and even your building. Create posts and assign work all through a private platform.

1.1.3. Class Dojo Easily award feedback points for behavior in class in real-time, with just one click of your smartphone or laptop.

1.1.4. Too Noisy Animated noise level tracker. This can be used to show the level of noise the class is making in order for them to self check to control the noise level.

1.1.5. GoNoodle Fun and easy brain breaks for students to work for. They earn points by how many dances they complete and are able to advance to new levels.

1.1.6. Traffic Light! The traffic light with four colors could be used as a teaching aid, where each colour represents an action for the students to perform e.g. RED: No talking, listen / AMBER: Work by yourself / GREEN: Keep on working and co-operate with others / BLUE: Personal time.

2. Informational

2.1. These apps provide information for students to use related to their learning.

2.1.1. BrainPopjr Very informative videos that aren't very long. They offer a wide variety of topics that are fun for the students to watch.

2.1.2. Discovery Education A great source for educational streaming videos. It allows you to view entire videos or just show particular clips that you need.

2.1.3. Time for Kids This is an online magazine that helps students relate to events and things that are happening around the world. A great source for informational text.

2.1.4. Pbskids This allows your students to watch videos that are very kid friendly. Wild Kratts is a very popular series that covers many topic areas very thoroughly.

2.1.5. Bookflix This is an online compilation of books on various topics that are interactive for the students to use.

2.1.6. Starfall This is used for lower grades to help students relate letters and sounds to different things. It also offers many interactive games to reinforce the skills that were taught.

3. Creativity

3.1. These apps allow students to use their creative side when presenting new information learned.

3.1.1. Aurasma Aurasma creates augmented reality by linking objects to videos, animations, and much more. The app allows you to pass your device over the object and the augmented reality begins.

3.1.2. QR Code: Scan This app allows you to scan any QR code. Great for making a scavenger hunt or review game for students and allow them to scan the QR codes.

3.1.3. iMovie Students can create short trailers or movies using music, photos, videos, and more. They can use preselected formats for editing or create from scratch.

3.1.4. Pic Collage Students can create photo collages using stickers, text, and more. Would be great to have students describe characters or events from a story using a picture of the book.

3.1.5. GarageBand Students can use this to create podcasts to share their work.

3.1.6. KidPix Students can create many different documents that includes pictures, text, and sound.

4. Productivity

4.1. These apps allow you to be more efficient and organized.

4.1.1. Remind 101 This app allows you to text parents of your students using a classroom setup without ever using your own cell number. Great for parents that don't check emails often.

4.1.2. Drop Box Drop box allows you to store files such as documents, photos, and videos in an online storage base. Gives you access to all your documents in one place and can sync business with personal accounts.

4.1.3. Google Drive Google drive allows you to store files such as spreadsheets, google drawings, documents, and more in one location. It syncs with your gmail, and calendar. Allows you to share documents and collaborate with others.

4.1.4. Red Booth The app is great for keeping track of projects and task lists. Allows you to select due dates and send email reminders to keep you on track of your to do list.

4.1.5. Comic Life For younger grades, this can be used by creating a comic that is mostly pictures to help with sequencing.

4.1.6. Evernote Take notes anywhere and access from any device.