ITS & MS Responsibilties

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ITS & MS Responsibilties by Mind Map: ITS & MS Responsibilties

1. CM-Admin requests, keeping instructinoal tools running

2. Not Important Urgent

2.1. Morning Announcements

2.2. Student locked out or can't login

2.3. CHST- Morning News

2.4. CHTT-car duty

2.5. CHTT-morning news

2.6. Covering a teacher's class

2.7. Spray painting dots for custodians to place cones in the parking lot

2.8. CMES - Miner News

2.9. filming an ice bucket challenge video for admin

2.10. changing ink cartridges (important to them)

2.11. Install Rosetta Stone: Important to them, but not urgent for me.

2.12. Updating the staff directory on web page

2.13. Email on teachers phone

3. Important Urgent

3.1. WES- Teach 2nd grade specials everyday

3.1.1. Bus Duty

3.2. LMS - Making sure all gear is operational Making sure teachers and students can access all programs with minimal hardship Keeping Website and Social Media current Respond quickly to anything that interrupts instructional time Working with parents, students and teachers to ensure that they can use all necessary tools

3.3. CES- morning news

3.4. AP phones not working

3.4.1. Principal computer starts to stall.

3.5. Making sure technology is operational

3.5.1. Tasks for Admin

3.6. CES- self-contained tech issues

3.7. CHTT-helping w/testing

3.7.1. CHTT-whiteboard issues

3.8. Help Ap print Answer Docs in Learning Station

3.9. CHTT-user accounts

3.10. CHTT-admin mtgs

3.11. NFMS- anything the custodian wants

3.12. SES-Making sure equipment is in working order for trainings

3.13. Testing issues

3.14. Adding Co-Teachers in itslearning

3.15. Installing EOCT Mid-Month software

3.16. Management/Communication Systems

4. Not Important Not Urgent

4.1. CES installing fonts for teachers

4.2. installing fonts for K teachers

4.3. SES-adding links to Chief Clicks or favorites

4.4. CMES local printer installs/font

4.5. Installing local printers or workroom network printers