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Inceptionos by Mind Map: Inceptionos

1. Key Events/Moments that develop the narrative

1.1. Before the job

1.1.1. Cobb needs a new architect, and goes to his father in law to help seek the brightest archtictec he knows to help him with a new job. Her name is Ariadne

1.1.2. Cobb, has been seeing his wife in his own personal dreams, and Ariadne is worried that this will effect there job ahead, and wants Cobb to tell the others about his problems. Cobb doesn't tell Ariadne what he is dreaming about, but she sneaks into his dream and gets and insight on his tale with Mal. this has a big effect on Ariadne and she is extremely worried for the job ahead. The part of the movie is filmed with good production element, such as lighting and close up shots and POV. When Ariadne sneaks into his dream and appears in a hallway the shot type turns into a POV of Ariadne's eyes and we see what she is looking at, and that is Cobb talking to his wife Mal who is clearly upset and distraught. When Cobb see's Ariadne looking he immeaditley gets up and walks towards her and the scene turns tense with some really good adcting and background music. they walk into a lift and it has levels of Cobbs life every level has different lighting to set the mood.

1.2. Level 1

1.2.1. Van Chase Level Dreamt by Yusuf The crew go an kidnap Robert Fischer Jnr and force him to tell them a few numbers which are used to unlock the vault later. They also kidnap his fathers assistant, Browning as they begin to plant the idea that his father wanted him to break up the business. Lighting was dark, rainy day. A lot of close up and mid shots as there is the gun chase scene leading up to being in the warehouse where they kidnap Fischer.

1.3. Level 2

1.3.1. Hotel Level Dreamt by Arthur Here FIscher is tricked into believing that Browning is a traitor trying to seal the information in his mind and unknowingly agrees to assist in his own inception. This scene develops the characters into leading up to the climax of the film and the storyline begins to become complex as they prepare for their dream within a dream within a dream.

1.4. Level 3

1.4.1. Snow Fort Dream by Emaus Fischer must enter the fort and unlock the vault to finally find the truth which is really the false idea that was planted in his mind. This is the deepest level before they reach limbo. It's also the most protected with his mind trying to protect itself with fighters, Fischer dies and enters into Limbo because Mol kills him, forcing Cobb and Ariadne to enter into Limbo to find him to successfully complete the mission. Saito also dies from bullet wounds in the first dream, also sending him to Limbo. A lot of long over view shots overlooking the whole mountain, mes-en-scene with the windy environment, lots of snow, whit clothing for characters, skis to move around on. The set of the fortress is very big and made of tough materials demonstrating a secure place where this thought is located.

1.5. Limbo

2. How characters develop and change: their decisions, what influences them, motivations

2.1. Dominick Cobb

2.1.1. Dom is a puzzling figure who has a lot of secrecy about him. He's attempt to seperate his private issues, especially with Mal to what the job at hand not only risk his life but the life of everyone else in the dream as well. Cobb is the central figure yo this whole idea of Inception. Like the idea itself, he's mysterious not everyone knows the full story or how safe it entierly is accurately reflecting Cobb's character.

2.2. Ariande

2.2.1. After Ariande first experiences sharing a dream she decides that she does not want a part, but then her curiosity makes her come back.

2.3. Robert Fischer

2.3.1. Robert Fischer's father is on his death bed, leaving Robert as the heir to his multi-billion dollar empire. Robert has been living in the shadow of his father and is full of insecurities. One insecurity is that he will not live up to his fathers standard. Fischer is influenced by Dom while they are in his dreams. In the third level Fischer gets the idea that he would not follow in his fathers footsteps which he gets while in the safe with his father.

2.4. Mal

2.4.1. Mal is the evil character, the problem inside the big problem (achieving Inception). It's apparent that Mal really just causes problems for everyone else because she is still angry at Cobb for what he did and is an image in Cobb's mind which constantly is tearing him apart. Her decisions accurately reflect the picture of her in Cobb's mind and will constantly haunt everyones dreaming until Cobb lets her go.

3. Meaning of Names

3.1. Dominick Cobb

3.1.1. French Meaning: Home The directors & writers used the name Dominick to refer to the french word Domicile. This means 'at home.

3.2. Mallorie Cobb

3.2.1. French Meaning: Bad Mal also translates in French to Bad. This can give us a description of how she is going to impact the film even before the film commences.

3.3. Ariadne

3.3.1. Greek Reasoning: Ariadne is associated with mazes In greek mythology Ariadne is the goddess of Mazes & Labyrinths. In the film Ariadne is the Architect and she is challenged in creating all the levels.

4. interesting facts

4.1. Dom Robert Eames Ariadne Mal Saito =DREAMS