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Are joint injections painful? Joint injections can be painful and those with joint pain often fear them. But if your injection is given by an expert doctor then the procedure is usually painless. This page discusses shoulder injections, knee injections and the techniques / medications used. You can also find out about joint injection side effects

Different joints

It's important to tailor the injection technique both to the patient in question and to the joint condition that needs treated

cortisone injections for back pain

Cortisone injections are often helpful in back pain treatment - they can be injected into the facet joints or the muscles - or sometimes around the nerves in what is called a lumbar epidural injection

shoulder joint injection

Injection into the shoulder joint can be given from the posterior approach or from the front (the anterior approach) Shoulder joint injection is not usually painful


Typical Reasons for Joint Injections

rarer reasons for joint injection

Different drugs

platelet rich plasma

Platelets and the plasma around them contain very high levels of healing agents and anti inflammatory chemicals. Injections of plasma and platelets has been shown to speed up the healing of wounds


Synvisc is one of the commonly used viscosupplement drugs


Several different steroid drugs are commonly used for joint or soft tissue injections

local anesthetic


Viscosupplementation injections are used to replace the bodies own synovial fluid in joints that are having pain due to osteoarthritis

Side effects of joint injections

joint injection pain

Joint injections are often not painful but some people get what is called a post injection flare of pain. This can take a few days to settle down.