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Welcome by Mind Map: Welcome

1. Business

1.1. Goals

1.1.1. Express the brand statement

1.1.2. Serve as a messaging platform

1.1.3. Become a destination

1.1.4. Inspire to share moment

1.2. Objectives

1.2.1. Attract XXX guests per day

1.2.2. Gain XXX posts on social media

1.3. KPIs

2. Assumptions

2.1. Visual design of content has responsive layout

3. Dependencies

3.1. Available CMS

3.2. Integration between triggers to content packages

4. User(s)

4.1. Types

4.1.1. Guests Segments

4.1.2. Administrator

4.2. Goals

4.3. Objectives

4.4. KPI

5. Requirements

5.1. Business

5.1.1. Manage content Manual Override of Content Content Business Rules Definition (i.e., hooks)

5.1.2. Display content Business Hours Mode Defaukt Personalized Takeover System Error non-Business Hours Mode Default System Error Security

5.1.3. Analytics # of Door Swings (1st set) # of Door Swings (2nd set) Dwell Time in Hallmark # of initiated reactions (non-BLE) # of initiated reactions (BLE)

5.2. Technical

6. Features

6.1. Must Have

6.1.1. Sheer scale overwhelms user

6.1.2. Kinetic reaction to user's movement

6.1.3. Visual reaction to user's movement

6.1.4. Aural reaction to user's movement

6.1.5. Display of low-resolution content

6.1.6. Hyperdirectional sound

6.1.7. Display mode during business hours

6.1.8. Display mode during non-business hours

6.1.9. System management of content

6.1.10. Analytics tracking

6.2. Nice to Have

6.2.1. Support localized expressions

6.2.2. Support takeover moment

6.2.3. Support media tie-in in NYC

6.2.4. Personalized experience

6.2.5. User generated content


7.1. Will the Flagship be open everyday of the year?

7.2. For the days in which the Flagship is open, what are the business hours?