Social business

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Social business by Mind Map: Social business

1. What do investors want?

1.1. Return on Investment

1.2. Social Impact

1.3. Reducing environmental damage

1.4. Long term gains Vs. Short term

2. The new way of thinking forward

2.1. What about Intellectual Property

2.2. Building a brilliant team

2.2.1. How much to pay?

2.3. Idea of an exit strategy

2.3.1. What is the IPO equivalent?

2.4. Every business a social business

3. How can Collaborations work?

3.1. Hybrid Value Systems


3.2. Creating Shared Value


4. Why a new genre?

4.1. Innovation


4.2. Accessing tough markets


4.3. Serving the underserved


4.4. New company structures

4.4.1. Best ways to incorporate