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Selank by Mind Map: Selank
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Ray Bonior Experiments

Medievil's selank trial (longecity)

MetabolicAlchemy's 10 day trial

Selank review by alarang


enkephalin-opioid system






alcohol withdrawal

neuropeptide regulaiton


Russian Info (selank website) [translated]

Routes of Administration (RoA)

Mechanism of Action (MoA)



russian name Селанк

Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Russian Academy of Sciences

As of 2010, the drug has completed stage III clinical trials in Russia

Developed in the early 80's

Important note on Selank

[Google Translated] from Russian to English. Being human neuropeptide, Selank's effect on the body as "endogenous expert": exactly the extent and such a direction as to what is necessary to maintain and / or restore the normal functioning of the central nervous system of each individual , weakened or impaired as a result of the impact of adverse factors. The more developed pathological conditions, the stronger the "expert" action of Selank. Conversely, the healthier state of the central nervous system, the effect is less pronounced Selank who can not find, in this case, the objects to be restored. The presence of Selank normalizing effect on activity of the major neurotransmitter systems of the brain determines the plasticity of its pharmacological and therapeutic effects. In patients with generalized anxiety disorder in the spectrum of action Selank marked anxiolytic effect; in patients with neurasthenia more pronounced stimulating effect of the drug antiastenicheskoe. Thus, Selank is the first representative of a class of "smart" drugs. On the basis of studies have shown that pluripotency and diversity effects Selank (eg. Effect on the activity of serotonergic, catecholaminergic and opiatergicheskoy systems and so on.), Largely due to the inclusion of them in the cells of the brain biochemical cascade processes, prolong and reinforce the therapeutic effect of the drug.

TL;DR It doesn't work as well in healthy individuals.

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