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1. Reflection

1.1. What do they get? What do they not get?

1.2. Student reflection on performance

1.3. How can I use these assessments to better my teaching?

1.4. Portfolio

1.5. Reporting

1.5.1. sharing results with students and parents

2. Feedback

2.1. What exactly do student letter grades reflect?

2.2. How can I use this information to better my teaching?

2.3. Is the feedback I'm giving my students valuable?

2.4. Am I providing sufficient, constructive feedback?

2.5. Conferences

2.5.1. Teacher-student

2.5.2. Teacher-parent

2.5.3. student-led

3. Method of assessment

3.1. Formative

3.1.1. Check-ins exits slips conferences

3.1.2. Self assessment

3.1.3. Peer assessment

3.2. Sumative

3.2.1. tests quizzes projects

3.3. tools

3.3.1. checklists anecdotal records rubrics

4. Criteria for success

4.1. Rubrics

4.2. Grading scale

5. What is being assessed

5.1. What specific skills need to be assessed?

5.2. Are these skills valuable and essential to the class goals and curriculum standards?

6. Reason for assessment

6.1. Track student growth

6.2. Inform teaching

6.3. Guide learning and differentiation