Dream Job at IC: practical academic

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Dream Job at IC: practical academic by Mind Map: Dream Job at IC: practical academic

1. Keep the alumni involved

1.1. like YCombinator, CA

1.1.1. But YC doesn’t end on Demo Day. We and the YC alumni network continue to help founders for the life of their company, and beyond.

1.2. tell their story

1.2.1. ecorner style Stanford U

1.3. judges

1.4. mentors

1.5. Masterclasses

2. IC kpis & manifesto

2.1. create more jobs

2.2. Supporting business start-up and growth

2.3. Business mentoring

2.4. Business development program

2.5. Investment raised

2.6. Providing valuable connections with USC

2.6.1. "Access to USC students/talent and resources" Develop a pro-active programm Gap analysis Client Needs vs. Skill available "develop research partnership

2.7. Manifesto

2.7.1. file:///Users/sachikomarchand/Downloads/Manifesto.pdf

3. 4 targets for COLLABORATION

3.1. Current Clients

3.1.1. Add value

3.1.2. Increase Engagement

3.1.3. dvp strong network

3.2. Potential Clients

3.2.1. help increase job creation

3.2.2. raise awareness of IC

3.3. USC students

3.3.1. help increase job creation

3.3.2. let them participate/volunteers in activities they are passionate about

3.3.3. potential clients

3.3.4. get an internship

3.4. the greater community

3.4.1. Increase awareness State National International

4. Activities

4.1. Regular Events

4.1.1. Pitching practice Students Current clients "we connect entrepreneurs with the skills and resources that drive growth and results" Potential clients Raising Awareness Organise regular competitions

4.1.2. Brown Bag Lean Business Plan nterested in ideas? Consider yourself an inventor? Have a good idea you'd like to develop? Your fellow innovators need YOU!!!!

4.1.3. MasterClasses Format Academic AND practionner (10min +Q&A) x2 Trending Topics Coding Online Marketing Online Presence

4.2. Content Sharing: Vodcast & Podcasts

4.2.1. IC Interviews to raising awareness about IC . Alumni Current clients Success/Fail stories Resources Academics

4.2.2. Podcast of all events

4.2.3. Vulgarise my readings adding value to current clients students

4.2.4. Podcast of all levents

4.3. Facilitate Inthership with USC students

4.3.1. Liaise with USC job board

5. Down the track

5.1. How about running 12 weeks program?

5.1.1. excelerate labs

5.2. Get local investors to invest in entrepreneurial students

5.2.1. upstart.com

6. What does Uni needs

6.1. Recognition

6.1.1. "in partnership with USC"

6.2. Academics needs to demonstrate engagement with industry