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Just War Theory by Mind Map: Just War Theory
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Just War Theory

Thirty Years War

Just Cause is the most important condition for a just war

Right Intention-The aim of political and military leaders must be peace with justice

Proportionality-Proportionality demands that a battle ends before it becomes a massacre.

Noncombatant Immunity-War must discriminate between combatants and noncombatants.

New node

First Crusades

Just Cause/Right Intention


Noncombatant Immunity

The Battle of AginCourt

Happened against the English and French

The French Army had a leader that was very sever in sickness and ill

This Battle broke Proportionality, because King Henry ordered all of the French Prisoners to be killed. Even after they won the battle

This war broke JUST CAUSE, because this war was more about revenge and power, the religion.