Just War Theory

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Just War Theory by Mind Map: Just War Theory

1. Thirty Years War

1.1. Just Cause is the most important condition for a just war

1.1.1. The war grew out to be more about powers, less specifically about religion.

1.1.2. The political motives became more and more prevalent when Sweden entered the war to help the Protestant cause. Sweden did not enter the war for religious reasons at all; they were looking to gain land.

1.1.3. Finally it seemed that religion was completely forgotten and abandoned as a cause.

1.2. Right Intention-The aim of political and military leaders must be peace with justice

1.2.1. Extensive destruction of the whole region, denuded by foraging armies.

1.2.2. The reasons and causes for its spread throughout Europe include the constitutional frailty of the Holy Roman Empire, the inability of the German states to act in concert, and the ambitions of other European powers. they had other intentions other than religion related reasons

1.3. Proportionality-Proportionality demands that a battle ends before it becomes a massacre.

1.3.1. The territorial and dynastic causes, which go hand in hand, did however, cause the war to continue longer than it most likely would have if religion had been the only motive. due to the greed for power and territory made battle a massacre.

1.4. Noncombatant Immunity-War must discriminate between combatants and noncombatants.

1.4.1. Over 300,000 had been killed in battle. Millions of civilians had died of malnutrition and disease, and wandering, undisciplined troops had robbed, burned, and looted almost at will. Went against Just War Principle for killing so many innocents

1.4.2. the population of the Empire dropped from about 21,000,000 to 13,500,000 between 1618 and 1648

1.4.3. The Thirty Years War remains one of the most terrible wars in history.

1.5. New node

2. First Crusades

2.1. Just Cause/Right Intention

2.1.1. Many of the attackers wanted to force most of the Jews to convert but were also interested in acquiring money from them. Rather than concentrating on crusades, they gave their attention to acquiring taxes, moneys from the Jews.

2.1.2. Nevertheless, some of them also took money in return for their protection.

2.1.3. Godfrey of Bouillon had extorted money from the Jews of Cologne and Mainz, and many of the Crusaders wondered why they should travel thousands of miles to fight non-believers when there were already non-believers closer to home. By converting Jews into their culture, they would be able to tax them and have more moneys for themselves. So Godfrey of Boulion extorted money from the Jews of Cologne and Mainz, to hide the real purpose of the Crusades, fighting against the non-believers.

2.2. Proportionality

2.2.1. Tancred's men assaulted the precint, butchering many of the defenders, with the remainder taking refuge in the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Tancred then called a halt to the slaughter Rather than ending the battle, they led it to become a massacre.

2.3. Noncombatant Immunity

2.3.1. Muslims were indiscriminately killed, and Jews who had taken refuge in their synagogue were murdered when it was burnt down by the Crusaders. taking human life is seriously wrong (5th commandment.

2.3.2. The crusades were against the Islamic "Infidels" but the Jews were not free from the persecution by the Christian Crusaders.

3. The Battle of AginCourt

3.1. Happened against the English and French

3.2. The French Army had a leader that was very sever in sickness and ill

3.3. This Battle broke Proportionality, because King Henry ordered all of the French Prisoners to be killed. Even after they won the battle

3.4. This war broke JUST CAUSE, because this war was more about revenge and power, the religion.