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CT Mobile by Mind Map: CT Mobile

1. CT Mobile Platform

1.1. CT Presenter

1.1.1. Build

1.1.2. Gamify

1.1.3. Accelerate

1.1.4. Gather feedback

1.1.5. Tune

1.1.6. Motivate


1.2.1. Sell

1.2.2. Service

1.2.3. Market

1.2.4. Collaborate

1.2.5. Learn

1.2.6. Build and innovate

1.2.7. Analyze

1.3. Multichannel approach

1.3.1. Create new content or reuse existing Interactive HTML5 presentations Powerpoint presentations White papers Brochures

1.3.2. Spread and coordinate your content Field sales iPads (CT Mobile) Publish on your website Social networks Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Internal social media Chatter Yammer Salesforce communities e-mail your Customers Embed links in Blogs Customer facing mobile apps

1.3.3. Go viral Engage with interactive content Share and retweet Answer comments

1.3.4. Analyze in realtime Slide analytics Likes/dislikes Slide usage Health of your brand ROI

2. News

3. Salesforce1 Compatible

4. Become a partner

5. FieldForce Mobile for Verticals

5.1. CT Wealth management

5.2. Без названия

5.2.1. CT Insuarance

5.3. CT Banking

5.4. CT Pharma

5.4.1. Pharmaceutical digital media evolution e-detailing and digital sales aids web detailing remote detailing CLM

5.4.2. CT Pharma ISV App

5.4.3. CT Mobile for Pharma App

5.4.4. CT Pharma Presenter

5.5. Medical Devices

5.6. Trade promotion management

6. About CT

7. Demo

8. Contacts