Transfer of Thermal Energy

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Transfer of Thermal Energy by Mind Map: Transfer of Thermal Energy

1. Radiation

1.1. DOES NOT require a medium

1.2. Transfer of energy in the form of infrared radiation

1.3. Depends on color, material, surface area of material.

2. Convection

2.1. Occurs as convection currents in fluids

2.2. Convection currents occur due to difference in densities.

2.3. Requires a medium where molecules move from one place to another.

3. Conduction

3.1. Heat transferred by free electrons and vibration of particles in METALS.

3.2. Heat is transferred by vibration of particles only in non-metals.

3.3. Requires a medium.

3.4. Vibrating particles are not transferred but energy is.

3.5. Good absorbers of heat includes metals.

4. Examples that make use of this

4.1. Cooking utensils

4.2. Heat Exchangers

4.3. Vacuum Flasks

4.4. Air-conditioners