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Business Areas (Defining Scope) by Mind Map: Business Areas
(Defining Scope)
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Business Areas (Defining Scope)

Members only - Lifelong Learning Community


May contain learning plan (direct creation and feed out to education admin system) or created elsewhere and fed into e-portfolio   May be connected/integrated into Learning Management System


Activity stream tracking

Find a friend

Global address book

Corporate Intranet

Document Management

Staff Collaboration

LC Training & Development

Family Praxis and Development

Staff Communication

Customized Knowledge Bases

Help Desk

LC Training

Family/Learner Inquiry

New node


Learning Centres

Learning Circles

SD Global - Centres outside BC

Learning Management System

Course Catalog/presentation


Course Creation

Course Delivery

Face to Face

DL (text)

DL (video)

Quality, Synchronous, Asynchronous

Course Follow Up

Educational Administration


Learning Plans

O4L Tracking

Weekly Hours Reporting

Learning Outcomes

Family (K-9)

Learning Plan Creation & Maintenance

O4L Compiling & Creation

Weekly hours tracking

Learner (SD High)


course work


Family/Learner (Global)


Ministry Compliance

Accounting and Adminstration

Special Education Admin

Public Facing - Lifelong Learning Portal