Just War Theory

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Just War Theory by Mind Map: Just War Theory

1. The First Crusade

1.1. The Attack of th Jews in France and Germany

1.1.1. This is because it was a firm belief that Muslims or Jews were enemies of Christ. Goes against the category of JUST CAUSE because not being Christian doesn't mean one is evil. Goes against PROBABILITY OF SUCESS. This is because Jews were being killed at a constant and human life was wasted.

1.2. Battle of Dorylaeum

1.2.1. Goes against PROBABILITY OF SUCESS because many crusaders died due to lack of food. Shows lack of responsibility. How can one expect to win when they have no resources to feed those fighting?

1.3. Massacre of Jerusalem

1.3.1. Goes against PROPORTIONALITY. One is supposed to stop before a massacre occurs. Lacks LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY because the leaders admitted themselves that they had no control over their own soldiers. Then, it shows no one is in true power which means no one has the right to call for war.

2. Battle of Agincourt

2.1. Right Intention – ad bello

2.1.1. This war is another series of conflicts

2.2. Legitimate Authority-ad bello

2.2.1. Henry V called for war just based on feelings without thinking about other ways such as negotiation

2.2.2. New node

2.3. Right Intention-ad bello

2.3.1. Without much thought, Le Fervre simply assumed that there was going to be another war.

3. The Counter Reformation

3.1. Last Resort- ad bello

3.1.1. The council of Tret did not even consult with the leaders of the protestants. They simply took the actions of the protestants as heresy and fought them.

3.2. Probability of Sucess-ad bello

3.2.1. The church lost most of its power to the protestants so it didnt have a great chance of winning. However, they still went on to war.

3.3. Proportionality-in bello

3.3.1. The thirty years was is a massacre.