SDL Quiz Revisited

Now that we have explained further, what are your opinions now on what SDL is actually all about? Add your views

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SDL Quiz Revisited by Mind Map: SDL Quiz Revisited

1. SDL is only for those who are motivated

1.1. No!!!

1.1.1. not true

1.2. No

1.2.1. Misconception

1.3. False

1.4. Not true

1.5. No

1.6. No

1.7. a misconeption

1.8. noooooo

1.9. No

1.10. No

1.11. No

1.12. Not necessary

1.12.1. NO

2. SDL is closely linked to lifelong learning

2.1. Not necessarily

2.2. yes

2.3. Yes

2.4. Presentation never teach leh.

2.5. Yes

2.6. Not necessarily

2.7. not mentioned leh ;p

2.8. Yes it is

2.9. Yes.

2.10. Yes

3. No not true

4. SDL implies independent learning

4.1. More than just Self-Managed Learning.

4.2. No

4.3. No. Parents must be involved too. Since the target audience are kids.

4.4. Teacher involvement still crucial

4.5. Partnership with parents

4.5.1. YES

4.5.2. Impt

4.5.3. They can share with their friends what they have learnt.

4.5.4. Parent's understanding of SDL at home

4.5.5. Partnership required to ensure that children spend time effectively when online

4.5.6. Yes

4.6. there is collaborative learning between teacher and students; also between students

4.7. it involves independent learning, but only at a higher level. It has to be initiated by the teachers, directed by the teachers first, work in partnership with parents and students and slowly grant autonomy and independence to the stduents

4.8. No not necessarily. It's a partnership with parents too

4.9. it depends on the level of SDL specturm