John G Jones

Lineage Tree associated with John G Jones to accomodate Paul Erdos Number Concept

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John G Jones by Mind Map: John G Jones

1. Delagates Returned to USA

1.1. John G. Jones (IL)

1.2. W.T. Grant (LA)

1.3. J.C. White (MA)

1.4. J.J. Burnell (NY)

2. A.A.O.N.O.M.S

2.1. Recognition

2.2. Proceedings

2.2.1. 1910 Officers John G. Jones IP (IL) H.C. Scott (D.C.) J.H. McGhee (AL) J.M. Maddox (FL) J.C. White (MA) Dr. S. A. Fiviness (IN) Dr. B.H. Stillyard (WVA) Captain W.T.M. Grant Treasurer (LA) L.A. West (AR) Charles L. Mitchell (TX) C.C. Chapman (NY) C.W. Ross (AR) Samuel Lindsey (VA) G.B. Kirk (PA)

2.2.2. 1912 November JGJ in Germany

3. Supreme Council (19th St. Masons)

3.1. Recognition

3.1.1. 1896 July 25 Called Session August 22 Resolution

3.2. Proceedings

3.2.1. 1906 Officers John G. Jones MPSGC (IL) Dr. B.H. Stillyard LGC (W.VA) Robert J. Fletcher Grand Prior (CA) C.R. France Grand Chancellor (PA) James E. Todd Grand Minister of State (KY) H.C. Scott Grand Treasurer (D.C.) J.C. White Grand Secretary (MA) Rev. J.H. McGhee Grand Keeper of Seals (AL) D.G. Gaines Grand Auditor(MA) Distinguished Members D.R. Young (CA) J.W. Green (CA) Charles E. Morton (CA) R.M. Clark (CA) E.A. Small (CA) Frank J. Butler (CA) A.D. Griffin (OR) W.T. Meade Grant (LA) F.D. Thomas (OR) J.C. Bron (WY) J.M. Hunt (WY) S.S. Scott (WA) J.E. Hawkins (WA) J.E. Shepardson (WA) Rev. William M Pyles (AL) Rev. A.W. Thorne (AL) W.H. Green (AL) G.W. Hill (AL) John Carter (AL) Thomas W. Cole (KY) Dr. Van J. Davis (KY) George W. Gough (MI) John R. Wagner (CA) Rev. J.B. Thornton (NY) Rev. J.H. Holland (NY) Joseph W. Exum (MA) Rev. Owen L.W. Smith (NC) Rev. D.J. Donohoe (IL) S.H. Prather (IL) E.H. Morris (IL) F.S. Campbell (IL) E.A. Harper (IL) T.Webster Brown (IL) Oscar Campbell (IL) A.W. Ford (IL) F.W. Wright (W.VA) G.L.A. Cabell (VA) G.B. Kirk (PA) A.L. Harris (PA) E.E. Franklin (FL) Newport Henry (DC) Alexander Oglesby (DC) William H. Johnson (DC) W.I. Herron (DC) Rev. Peter Lucas (DC) John S Brent (DC) A.Lincoln Alexander (DC) T.W. Ashford (WA) W.W. Taylor (UT)

3.3. Spurious Bodies

3.3.1. Jan 1906

4. St. John Grand Lodge

4.1. Recognition

4.1.1. 1903 (MS) 1903 Elbert Crandall (GM) of New York (GL) F. & A.M. 9.14.1903 Kortright Cruger (GM) of Clandestine Independent Ancient Order of Free and Accepted Masons

4.2. Proceedings

4.2.1. 1910 February Virginia Ave Masons vs. 19th St. Masons

4.2.2. 1907 William Gray Expelled John A. Bell Expelled

4.2.3. 1908 H.S. Collins John G. Jones

4.2.4. 1913 May 3 May 24 John G. Jones (Heart trouble)

4.2.5. 1901

5. Grand Masonic Congress

5.1. Recognition

5.2. Proceedings

5.2.1. 1914 July Meeting 17th

6. Estate 1914

6.1. 90%

6.1.1. Administrator Daisy Johnson

6.2. 10%

6.2.1. Brothers Robert H. Jones Theodore W. Jones