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1nspiring Efactor sept 23rd 2014 by Mind Map: 1nspiring Efactor sept
23rd 2014
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1nspiring Efactor sept 23rd 2014

Guy Eldar, CEO App my day


Guy Eldar, Israel, prior, coder since childhood, BSC computer sience, programmer, team leader in Israeli defense forces, last 5 years, startups,, face recoginition, developped on mobile, sold to Facebook

Appmyday venture

prototype, make a surprise for a friend got married, coded in 3 days, get all photos of an event in one app, lasting souvenir, photos from everyones:, perspective, point of views

result pilot: 200 photos, amazing!, it just worked

if it works on a friends wedding, maybe it works on others as well, tool for wedding couples, photos of all attendees, pretty relevant for any kind of event

Event app platform

private unique mobile space, your own Facebook for your event, who gets in and who doesn't, start & end date, you decide what happens there

outcome, vivid in-event experience, engagement between guest & hosts

2 main components, website - wizard/ builder, customize it all, maps, chat, target host as point of sale, create event within a minute

put it in your quests hands, tool box of distribution, distribution, invitation, native event app, iOS, Android

Mission, provide every event with a unique experience, such like wix websites, totally different experience

Revenue model

2 models, freemium, basic, app for free, no payment, max 25 devices, small events, payed, price based upon:, amount of users, amount of devices

partnerships (reselling) via:, venues, event planners, merchandise vendors, buy bundles, x amount of events, brand/ skin of the company

high virality, 100+ exposed to it via an event, private customers via freemium > payed

Appmyday uses KPI's:

daily/ monthly active users

amount of content

conversion, invited > downloaded > contributed


revenu, zero marketing effort

example event 1, 91% installs, 77 activer users, 888 times accessed


web + mobile can be tough

users needs to walk through a process

Round up focus and focused development

not easy to start

climb a lot of mountains

focus is about creation

it's do or die

3 stages

inspiration, fundament, into action

activation, get out of the building, tell you clients

co creation, change only favors a prepared mind


Darwin: It is about most resposive to change who wins

Chance only favors a prepared mind

it takes a team to build a dream

failing with the speed of ligt is winning


Damian: revenu stream + business structure

started in b2c > b2b, b2c, put it on the web and wait

it is super viral, you see it at a wedding, at its finest, people you know, event host invites you, simple experience, friends on a closed environment, see how the events unfolds

its all word of mouth, some event planners experienced it, used it for corporate events, unique product, people share it


viral vs conversion, conversion, converting guest into event owners, Seen it at a wedding and now use it for a company, virality, inside the event, maximum engagement, gather people in the same live feed, all effort in, distribution, invitation process

valuation in finance/ pre-seed round, pre money: $900.000, after $1.2 mln, more than money, financer based in Manhattan, 1st office in NY, constantly occupied, interns, marketing associates

burnrate, 3 employees, now 5, now: $27k per month

Karla: no marketing budget? how to spread the word

started social media accounts, pinterest, twitter, facebook

asked permission to hosts, to upload some photo's as a teaser on social media accounts, tagged the event host, tag the visitors

now: prefer to invest in different other channels

Bart used the app, great usability

Alexis: Instagram open photo's vs closed

one, large budget events, corporate, fundraising, want to provide guest with better experience than open such as Instagram, instagram have # and public stream, no control, everyone the same for instagram (ower and attendee)

two, more than 3000 events, people pay for their private space, other products do not deliver the same value


funding via early investor and pre-seed money, bootstrapping for 8 months, worked form appartment, worked from savings, a form of validation, money, single investor, NY based, breach gap between Israel, Europe and USA, businesswise / marketing, fight local products in USA, its hard to face similar products, 2 Israeli funds, need to be good in at least one, high tech, patent pending, outstanding performance, revenues, active users, outstanding team, did something unusual, 2 factors succeeding, revenues, + $100k, develop partnership model, created a commitment, 300 events, use app as working tool

"good to have an entrepreneurial start-up attitude", e-factor :)


shout out you can help me via:, partnerships, working with event like firms in Europe/ USA, events industry/ eco system, help to penetrate local market, exclusive partners

how did Bart find us?, read it in an article


how many users in NL?, a dozen

magic thing about your focus?, every startup, wandering around, our experience, with not focused is not really helpful, master the experience, don't lose focus on shiny stuff, there is not a lot behind it


Efactor, Armando Torres


Vicky Fasten, expert Investormatch,, large platform for matchmaking in corporate finance and startup finance, match entrepreneurs with finance, financing business, for:, innovations, go to new markets, such as, help with the deal, find the right investor, entrepreneurial mind, energetic, always up to something

Alexis van Dam (LiveMindMapper), LiveMindMapper at, livemindmapper, visualising information, keynotes and sessions in mindmaps, entrepreneur, partner, World of Minds

Bart Jenezon, Host,, fouding partner, key, focus, focus development, your life and business is your message to the world, make sure it is 1nspiring, intelligence is..., mastering our thinking