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Young People by Mind Map: Young People
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Young People


-Young peoples religions, will mainly relate back to what cultural background they come from, what their families believe in or either what type of subculture they find themselves relating back to.  -Family also relates to money, if a family does not have any money they can not survive or for some can not start families if they are not financiallly stable.


-Young peoples families would be grouped around what religions they beleive in such as, catholics, christians, muslims, or may even not believe or take part in any religion and be athiests.    -Family relates back to money as you need a steady income to provide for your family and as a Young Person your are encourgaed by your family to get a part time job to become apart of a work force and to start earning your own money.


-Young people either have a good, bad or average relationships with their families.   -Young people will also have relationships with their friends or their social groups reltaing back to what soical class they fall under or come from.



-If you get a good and stable education you can set yourself up to get a good job to earn yourself alot of money, a lot of young poeple who may become disengaged from schooling work at easy jobs such as macdonalds and so on, as for maybe some one who has pased their year 12 VCE they can maybe get a better job that earns more money off.    -Simmilar for socail class with money from education, the more education you get the better job you may get theirfore the higher in the socail class you will fall into. 

Social Class


-In order to provide for your family there needs to be a member from that family working who has a steady income so that the family will have money to support themselves.   -Obvously work relates to money as that is what most people work for to earn money to spend on the things they want, as a Young Person they would work to earn money for either shopping for what they want like ipods or tvs or phones or cameras, or for their weekend fun.   -Work also relates to what socail class you come from, because of the money that you earn, if you have a low paying job you would be in a lower part of the socail class, as if you had a really highpaying job you would be classed in the more upper parts of the social class.


-Money relates to social class as you are put in the categorie from society of what part of the social class hierarchy you fit into, i also think that young people will associate with other young people from what part of this social calss they come from.