French Colonization

Nick P
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French Colonization by Mind Map: French Colonization

1. Courier de Bois

1.1. Fur Trade

1.2. The Courier de Bois were french hunters and trappers that established a fur trade with the Native Indians like the Hurons and Algonquins. This created a dispute with the Iroquois.

2. Quebec

2.1. Champlain

2.2. Established by Champlain, Quebec was the first permanent French Colony.

3. Jacques Cartier

3.1. St. Lawrence River

3.2. Cartier established French claims along the St. Lawrence River.

3.3. Claimed eastern

4. Montreal

4.1. Settled in 1642, Montreal was established by Samuel de Champlain.

5. Champlain

5.1. Quebec

5.2. Samuel Champlain established Quebec in 1608.

5.3. Known as the "Father of New France"

6. Fur Trade

6.1. Courier de Bois

6.2. Hurons

6.3. algonquins

6.4. The Fur Trade was established by the French Courier de Bois along with the native Americans.

7. Louis Juliette

7.1. Mississippi River

7.2. Jacques Marquette

7.3. Louis Juliette and Jacques Marquette explored the Mississippi River in search of a path through America to the Pacific Ocean.

8. Jacques Marquette

8.1. Luis Juliette

8.2. Mississippi River

9. Mississippi River

9.1. Jacques Marquette

9.2. Louis Juliette

10. Lasalle

10.1. Mississippi River

10.2. LaSalle explored the Mississippi River starting from the south. He was killed by his followers for continuously getting lost.

11. St. Lawrence River

11.1. Jacques Cartier

11.2. The St. Lawrence River was charted by Jacques Cartier

11.3. Connected Quebec and Montreal to the rest of the New World.

12. Algonquins

12.1. Hurons

12.2. Fur Trade

12.3. Jesuits

12.4. Trade partners with the Courier de Bois along with the Hurons.

13. Hurons

13.1. Algonquins

13.2. Fur Trade

13.3. Jesuits

13.4. Native Indian tribe in modern Oklahoma.

14. Jesuit Missionaries

14.1. Algonquins

14.2. Hurons

14.3. Created bonds with native Indians because the natives admired them.