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Investment Research by Mind Map: Investment Research
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Investment Research

Feedback Frequency

And Risk Taking

And Impact on Asset Pricing

And Equity Premium

And Trading Activity


Investor Behavior

Factors Impacting Risk Preferences

Difficulty of Teaching

Ways to Improve

Return Chasing


Mental Accounting


Evolutionary Perspective


Cycles & Cyclical Behavior

Thoughts on Central Banks response to asset price volatility. Bernanke


Pro-Cyclical Forces

Yield curve and biz cycle

JDM Misc

Selective survey of evidence on persuasion senders and receivers DellaVigna 2009 NBER 15298

People model neighbors' car-buying behavior (Grinblatt 2009)


40 Years of Value Investing: Seminal Articles (2006)

Mutual fund managers can beat market in their best ideas (Cohen Polk Silli 2008)

Mutual fund manager can beat market in their best ideas. (Pomorski 2009)

Efficient Market Hypothesis & its Critics - hard to beat market - Malkiel 2003

Contrary to EMH, form of earnings disclosures matter to professional analysts (Hirst Hopkins 1998)

Investor Sentiment and the Closed End Fund Puzzle (Shleifer Thaler Lee 1991)

To File

Malkiel 2007 bad hedge funds exit indices


Behavioral Biases and Investment Massa 2005

Alon Brav

Dan Goldstein

Investment Management

13-F and confidential treatment for holdings (Agarwal et al 2009 unpub)


Blank Check IPOs: A Home Run for Management (Jog & Sun 2007)

Mgmt rigs votes by buying shares; mkt predicts acq success (Jenkinson Sousa 2007)



Shell Games Floros Sapp 2009