Mind Map of Problem

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Mind Map of Problem by Mind Map: Mind Map of  Problem

1. Phey Ying

1.1. Why can’t the student concentrate? Why did he unconsciously doodle all the time? Why is he always pre-occupied with other thoughts other than learning.

2. Willy

2.1. What would cause the student to be dejected/give up? Why did he focus on the subject that he had failed?

3. Irene

3.1. Why did he fail even after studying for long hours? Why did his mind go blank? Why can’t the student remember information?

4. Justina

4.1. Should he spot questions? What is the role of spotting questions? Does one style of learning suit everyone? Which learning stage is he in?

5. Esther

5.1. How did he fare in his other subjects? Do his peers influence his learning ability? Do girls acquire abstract concepts faster than boys do?