New Teachers on the Block (Staff)

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New Teachers on the Block (Staff) by Mind Map: New Teachers on the Block (Staff)

1. EG2 A Introduction

1.1. Membets' names

1.2. Scenario III

2. EG2 B Problem Encounter

2.1. Notes of Discussion

2.2. Mind Map of Problem

2.3. Problem Statement

2.4. KND chart

3. EG2 E Solution Presentation

3.1. QED520_PBL_Presentation_(New_Teachers_on_the_Block).pptx

4. EG2 C Problem Analysis

4.1. List of explanations, ideas and/or hypotheses

4.2. Statements of learning issues

4.3. Pointers and notes for sharing and teaching

4.3.1. Documents Links

4.3.2. Pointers and notes - Kai Luo - Effectiveness of student-centered teaching strategies

4.3.3. Pointers and notes - Kai Luo - Effectiveness Motivation and demotivation of students

4.3.4. Pointers and notes - Samsiah - Effective Classroom Communication

4.3.5. Pointers and notes - Yvonne - Scaffolding for Effective Teaching

4.3.6. Pointers and notes - Hafez

4.3.7. Pointers and notes - Wong Ting Ee - Attributes of an Effective Teacher

5. EG2 D Discovery & Reporting

5.1. Statement on sources of learning, information and research

5.1.1. Books

5.1.2. Journals

5.1.3. Internet Articles

6. EG2 F Review & Evaluation

6.1. EG2 Review and Evaluation (Lan Kai Luo)

6.2. EG2 Review and Evaluation (Yvonne Kwok)

6.3. EG2 Review and Evaluation (Samsiah)

6.4. EG2 Review and Evaluation (Hafez)

6.5. EG2 Review and Evaluation (Wong Ting Ee)