GroupWise Mobility Service

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GroupWise Mobility Service by Mind Map: GroupWise   Mobility Service

1. User Sync

1.1. Unable to sync mail, contacts, calendar

1.2. How to troubleshoot syncing of the Work In Progress and /Drafts folder

1.3. Frequent Contacts Will Not Sync for user(s)

1.4. Unable to sync Contacts from GroupWise to Device (folder structure)

1.5. Slow Sync-Validate with selective sync

1.6. How to delete user completely from db

2. Mobility Server

2.1. How to change the hostname on the GroupWise Mobility Server

2.2. How to upload Mobility log files to Novell

2.3. Services are shutting down automatically (disk space)

2.4. Update / Upgrade / Register

2.4.1. How to update Mobility

2.4.2. How to register Mobility

2.4.3. How to upgrade SLES Unable to start DataSync services after upgrading the mobility Server OS

2.5. How to install dsapp

2.5.1. How to refresh a Mobility server

2.5.2. How to run dsapp general health check on a Mobility server

2.6. WebAdmin

2.6.1. How to setup redirection for Data Sync Web Admin

2.7. Bugs / Fixes

2.7.1. Slow configuring users on startup

2.7.2. LG Optimus forwarded messages show encoded message body with attachment

2.8. LDAP

2.8.1. Unable to connect to LDAP server using SSL

2.8.2. Unable to login to WebAdmin (SSL/TLS)

2.9. Missing RPMs

2.9.1. Nothing provides perl-ldap

2.9.2. GroupWise and Mobility connectors fail to start after updating python (pyxml missing)

3. Mobility-Agent

3.1. How to increase device threads on a Mobility server

3.2. How to set up Mobility with Active Directory in an environment

3.3. Device Connectivity Master TID

3.3.1. How to troubleshoot device connectivity

3.3.2. Unable to connect any devices for recently added users (user not in synced state)

3.3.3. Unable to connect to Mobility Server after a new install (port 443 not available because of apache)

3.3.4. Devices can't connect to Mobility server (port forwarding)

3.3.5. Unable to connect device to the Mobility server (server information, request routing internal/external, verify server certificate)

3.3.6. Unable to authenticate from any device (authentication type, URL address)

3.3.7. Common user authentication issues from device (log keywords)

3.3.8. Connection to server failed from device after account is added (corrupt account)

3.3.9. Recently moved users are unable to authenticate with the Mobility server (FDN context change)

3.4. Log stuff

3.4.1. How to determine what GroupWise items were deleted from a device

4. GroupWise-Agent

4.1. How to rebuild the Global Address List (GAL)

4.2. Unable to find new users, DLs when adding

5. Performance / Slow Sync

5.1. GroupWise POA Connectivity

5.1.1. port 4500 blocked from GW to GMS

5.1.2. Ports used by GW, GMS, Vibe, Messenger, Filr

5.1.3. Hung soap threads

5.1.4. How to find hung soap threads

5.2. Mobility server

5.2.1. Nightly maintenance

5.2.2. Manual Maintenance (vacuum/reindex)

5.2.3. Disk I/O Performance

5.2.4. Too low of GroupWise poll configured

5.2.5. Overloaded with syncevents for some users (conflicting gw rules or repeated mail items)

5.2.6. High Utilization on Mobility Python Process

6. Certificates

6.1. How to create a self signed certificate for Mobility

6.2. How to configure Certificates from Trusted CA for Mobility

6.3. Windows 8 devices

6.3.1. Windows 8 Devices and Mobility Pack

6.3.2. How to import the default or self signed certificate on Windows Mobile