Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary Science

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Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary Science by Mind Map: Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary Science

1. Is euthanasia the correct choice?

1.1. Asses the quality of life.

1.2. Educate clients on what the best choice for their animal would be.

2. How do you deal with difficult clients who are crazy about their pets?

2.1. Veterinarians are not trained to care for the "clients" but to care for the clients animals. Veterinarians also have to remember that they want to keep your clients coming back. Client service is very important but their is a line.

3. What is a veterinary specialist?

3.1. Someone who has completed additional training in a specific field pertaining to veterinary medicine.

3.1.1. Behavior

3.1.2. Ophthalmology

3.1.3. Internal Medicine

4. Career opportunities in veterinary medicine

4.1. Clinical practice

4.2. Biomedical research

4.3. Education

4.4. Diagnostic laboratories

4.5. Consultation

5. What are some types of veterinary clinics?

5.1. Small animals

5.2. Large animals

5.3. Exotic animal species

5.3.1. M

5.4. Marine animals

6. Why do I want to become a veterinarian?

6.1. I have always had a deep passion for animals since I was born. When animals are happy and healthy, people are happy. Studying veterinary science is something that I thoroughly enjoy and am looking forward to studying in the future.