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THCUP Discussion Notes 10th March 2010 by Mind Map: THCUP Discussion Notes
10th March 2010
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THCUP Discussion Notes 10th March 2010

Tower Hamlets Discussion

10 major points

1. stick to timeframe

2. publish information (in advance)

3. transparency!

4. better planning

5 key areas

6. developing infrastructure

7. Voice and representation

8. Volunteering

9. Commissioning and funding

10. Accomodation needs


voice & representation

commissioning & funding

representation on the council


modernization fund

Bow Haven grant


changeup is not an org but a consortium

events for providers

TH officer support is available

there's an event for providers in June

Talk to Hilary Hughes

signposting in communities

facilitate communication

low-income should be a category for support

low-income should be a criterion for support

webdesigner should liase w orgs


What's the difference changeup / cvs?

Can changeup/cvs work together?

infrastructure & delivery: what's the difference?

what is the cost of the infrastructure?

how to avoid duplication between orsgs?

is changeup duplicating TH activity?

how much does CTST cost?

how can we develop dialogue?

what is "provider" vs "supplier"

what are the collaboration opportunities?

what is a "blueprint for procurement"

can staff attend trainings?

what IS the 3rd sector?

is the 3-yr funding recommissioned?

localism should be built into contracts

be creative w support

localism/localist weighting

supplier networking


it's difficult to find CU information

is CU prioritizing high profile orgs?

is changeup 'trickle-down...?'

black organisations are underfunded

There's no policy of not funding singlecommunity organizations.

single-community vs orgs that don't discriminate

language re procurement & 3rd sector language incompatible

procurement must become accessible

improving accessibility

don't move the goalposts!

complaints receive no response from council

we need more feedback from council

the strategy is still unfamiliar

collaborative capability

knowing the opportunities

identifying the criteria

TH is an ALMO

strategy for small org collab

database ideas

to channel services in community

searchable by issue and place

raise the IT stakes!

sophisticated databases

3rd sector must be involved w database

we need "the dream database!"

create a property database

use a premises providers network

need a youth organisations group

ChangeUp Discussion


contract has been delayed


CU this is an interim consortium

fora are 4 frontline orgs

we can support frontliners ad-hoc

a TRA itself doesn't qualify as an infrastructure org

we should avoid creating monopolies

frontliners:please join fora!

there's a new a health/wellbeing forum

CU money is ringfenced

we need a nuts and bolts sharing systems

the 3rd sector advisory board helps coordinate

cu has 30k to support CVS startup

changeup organisational mapping exercise.

frontline orgs can be associate members

we can avoid duplication with internal referrals

lots of contacts disappaered with COF


how do CU processes work?

what is an infrastructure org?

how are fora convened?

who do we call about CU?

can you be in multiple frontliner fora?

who is changeup?

what is changeup's org structure?

how can infrastructure & frontline collaborate?

will changeup be sustainable?

whats the legacy of Changeup?

how do we avoid duplication w. CVS?

who is changeup missing?

will there be a mission drift with CU?

how cna frontline orgs get involved?

is there a CASH and SSBA duplication?

why dont we have a list of organisations?


frontliners deserve support!

small/medium sized orgs are being squeezed

PCT isn't on on the agenda

small orgs can't participate

small orgs have to volunteer to be here

daytime meetings are hard for small orgs

we need just one forum!

video recording meetings is inhibiting for some

CVS Discussion


ownership of CVS

sector database is out of date





how do we have the conversations?

what duty does cvs have?

can we share contact details?

can we have a aguestimate of numbers?

is coordination possible?

can you create a map of what's happening?

how to get the voluntary sector enabled?

how will CVS work with change up?

is CVS a coordinating body?

what's CVS's business plan

what does CVS do?


fair access for commisioning

we estimate there are 2000 organisations

CVS is an independent organisation

CVS is not council run

CVS has 460,000 pounds to set up

we need to communicate independence

don't take over the volunteer sector

we need support for funding

funding for small organisations

the previous CVS was weak

there was too much politics

protect against cuts

disabled community interest

internal processes described


bring in the PCT

direct support to grass roots

how to get money to the the community?

capacity building

stop duplication

we want a needs analysis

community accountancy self help

help with bookkeeping etc

there's lots of talent here!

you own CVS!

we need multi media communication

CVS/THCUP advertising is not effective

we need more notice

enable talent sharing

help with procurement

simple skills audit

New node

Question Time / Unlecture


what is the 3rd Sector Advisory Board?

what are the organisational relationships?

how much does TH 3rd sector strategy team cost?

is TH jacking the 3rd sector agenda?

are worker coops included?

is QA necessary for funding?

What is the quality mark?

Is QA exclusive?


we need to bring in more orgs

please can we fill the vacant post at Tower Hamlets

new cvs will support social enterprise.

true partnership we need transparency!

housing associations are not voluntary orgs!

CVS should clarify membership

TH is awash with money!

People are worried about QA

the language of THCUP isn't accessible!

there's a perception problem

we need training for smaller orgs

what about social enterprise?

we need more friendly meeting times

we need to simplify & communicate this better

QA mark isn't 100% necessary.

social inclusion

housing associations are like gangs!

TH: it's not your money!

leases for VS are a major issue!

short term leases are a nightmare!

need a CU law clinic

we need to get rid of the politics

Quality assurance discussion

matrix accreditation

QA is necessary for funding

QA is useful for partnership working

QA 4 advice orgs is extra necessary

QA is also a barrier for some

QA horses for courses