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SocialMediaEveryWhere by Mind Map: SocialMediaEveryWhere
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Using Cell Phones

Using Cell Phones to publish video and images.

Create Facebook Page

Create a basic Facebook or an enhanced Facebook page includes various welcome page options that introduce visitors to the page and entice them to Like the page. And integrate Facebook with Twitter and or your blog.

Create Twitter Account

Create a Twitter account, add a dedicated branded Twitter page to your twitter profile. Setup, integrate and automate.


The real barrier is the believe that you need to have a video studio and millions worth of tools. Never. All the tools you can make videos with are free except for your video camera; even a cheap cell phone video camera will do. “Social Media is about sociology and psychology more than technology.” – Brain Solis


Create an integrated social media blog

Easy Highly Integratable Blog

Creating a blog with integrated social media using Posterous.

Highly Flexible Blog

Creating a blog and website with infinite options for evolvement and enhancement.

Social Media Integration

Adding Facebook status updates form on your blog. Making it easy for people to like your Facebook page while at your blog.


Add a newsletter to your blog.

Management Tools

Monitor brand mentions and related keywords. Using tools to publish updates to various social media sites at once an to monitor and engage relevant discussions.



Maintenance of the system is provided on a month by month basis.


Optional training is provided on a once off or monthly support basis. How to use Twitter, searching for people who discuss your topic, making friends and targeting ideas to solve problems.


A full blown social media management is provided where we create, integrate, automate, publish and monitor your social media efforts.