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OTHER WEB SITES where I participate


My GovLoop page; I occasionally republish posts here that refer to government related issues such as government transparency, stimulus reporting, and issues related to "open government" in both civilian and military agencies.

Social Media Today

Occasionally my social media related posts are republished by the Social Media Today web site.

My bookmarks

This is where I store bookmarks to web pages I want to refer to later. Sometimes I use the "feeds" from selected groups of bookmarks as inputs to pages on Dennis McDonald's Web Site.

Linkedin Bloggers

Linkedin Bloggers is a Yahoo! Group for Linkedin members interested in blogging. I'm one of the group's moderators.

My Other Web Site

This web site, maintained using the Posterous service, is where I occasionally publish nature and personal photographs.

MAJOR CATEGORIES for this site's "Managing Technology" section

MANAGING TECHNOLOGY is the main section of this web site and contains approximately 550 individual articles starting in March 2005.

Master Index

This page lists all catageory tags and posts in this web site's "Managing Technology" section.


These posts address the development, management, and use of mobile technlogies and the services that rely on them.


These posts deal with government uses of web based communication and collaborative technologies to interact with the public and various consituencies. Topics addressed include government transparency, stimulus reporting, and issues related to "open government" in both civilian and military agencies. Sample posts: Can Government Procurement Be Streamlined By Using Collaboration Technologies and Social Media? (2/27/2009) Does Increasing Government Transparency Help or Hurt Professional and Trade Associations? (3/10/2010) Are Federal Acquisition Practices Accelerating the Move of Government Computing to the Cloud? (7/15/2009)


These posts are a subset of "eGovernment" and deal with Government procurement and “Acquisition 2.0” issues including use of collaboration technologies to improve acquisition processes.

Project Management

These posts deal with using social media, networking, and collaboration technologies to support project management and project related communications. Sample posts: Promoting Technology Enabled Collaboration in Complex R&D Environments (10/11/2009) How Can Collaboration Systems and Social Media Complement Agile Project Management? (6/13/2008) What Should Project Managers Know about Social Media and Social Networking? (12/26/2007)


"Collaboration" posts address the different technological and organizational processes connected with how people share information and work together to achieve common objectives. Examples of "collaboration" titles include: Collaboration In Your Pocket Is Here (February 15, 2010) Are Collaboration Tools Part of the IT Infrastructure or Part of the Application Portfolio? (March 19, 2008) Promoting Technology Enabled Collaboration in Complex R&D Environments (Sept. 11, 2009)

Customer Communication

These posts deal with topics such as customer relationship management (CRM), Social CRM, "Sales 2.0," and Call Center management. Sample posts: Highlights from "Web 2.0 and Sales Process Management" (4/9/2009) How Closely do Traditional and Social Media Based Customer Support Services Need to be Coordinated? (11/24/2008) Major Household Appliances, Data Conversion, and Service Calls (2/27/2007)

Web 2.0

These posts organizational, technical, and management issues related to Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, social media, and social networking.


These posts discuss how technology impacts copyright, intellectual property management, patents, and digital rights management (DRM).


These posts discuss managing and stimulating innovation and creativity.

Disaster Response

These posts discuss applications of social media and social networking in disaster and emergency response situations.

Cost Analysis

These posts discuss how IT cost analysis has been impacted by the move of software applications and functionality to the web.

Expertise Management

These posts discuss how social media and social networking enable the discovery, sharing, and management of knowledge and expertise.

OTHER PAGES on this site

Home Page

This is the web site's "home page." It includes a list of the most recent publications. Visitors to usually land here first.

Publications & Interviews

These are some of the web site's longer & more detailed publications. Also included are collections of related posts, available document downloads,  links to presentations and slide decks, and writeups of interviews with me.

My Weekly Top Ten

Every few days I check this web site's traffic logs and publish a list of the ten most frequently accessed pages.  

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Use this search feature to conduct keyword searches across all this web site's contents.

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Use this page to receive free emailed copies of this web site's most recent technology-related posts.

About Me

This page provides information about my professiona interests and career experience.  

Comments Made Here

This lists comments left here (and my responses to them).

My Comments Elsewhere

This lists comments I have made on other web sites.

Some Presentations

This is a list of pages on this web site where I have embedded slides from several of my presentations.


Site map updated August 20, 2010. Please direct comments or questions to Dennis McDonald via email at