The Philadelphia Convention (2.3)

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The Philadelphia Convention (2.3) by Mind Map: The Philadelphia Convention (2.3)

1. Philosophy of the Founders

1.1. Human Nature

1.1.1. Leviathan- Strong government needed to keep life in order

1.1.2. Government should keep order, but be limited

1.2. Political Conflict

1.2.1. Madison's Federalist 10- Distribution of wealth (land) = source of conflict

1.2.2. Factions- If unchecked, a tyranny of the majority. Must be checked

1.3. Purpose of Government

1.3.1. Many believe preservation of property is key

1.3.2. Others: security from invasion, domestic peace, promotion of health and welfare

1.4. Nature of Government

1.4.1. Power should be set so that no one faction rules

1.4.2. Belief in balanced government

1.4.3. Montesquieu- Checks and balances system

2. The Delegates

2.1. Successful men of independent wealth

2.2. College grads with practical experience

2.2.1. Few residents of the fronteir

2.2.2. Primarily urban populace

2.3. Wished to create a new Constitution