Section IV : Reassessment, Reclassification, & Monitoring

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Section IV : Reassessment, Reclassification, & Monitoring by Mind Map: Section IV : Reassessment, Reclassification, & Monitoring

1. Exited, Reinstatement, Transfer, Withdrawal of ELL Students

1.1. Exit:

1.1.1. Pass ELPA

1.1.2. Finish 2years (minimum) monitoring

1.2. Reinstatement

1.2.1. "Appropriate school personnel" referral

1.2.2. Not successful in academic class(es)

1.3. Transfer

1.3.1. Particular school personnel in charge of documentation Make sure all documentation is in file when student transfers schools

1.3.2. Moving schools in CCSD

1.4. Withdrawal

1.4.1. Moving out of CCSD

1.4.2. Designated person must send ESL portfolio to Student Record Center

2. Monitoring Progress

2.1. Mainstreamed students (English only classes)

2.2. After program exit:

2.2.1. Cannot get a grade lower than C English Reading Math Science Social studies

2.2.2. C or above= academic success

2.2.3. Not successful in English only class: Reinstated in ESL Program

3. Reclassification

3.1. ELPA passing score

3.1.1. 5

3.1.2. Score equal/greater than fluent English speaker Placed in general education class

3.1.3. After program exit Monitor for 2 or more years

4. Reassessment

4.1. Annual assessment

4.1.1. Until: Program exit High school graduation Withdrawal from school

4.1.2. Parents cannot deny testing

4.1.3. ELPA : English Language Proficiency Assessment Comprehension Reading Writing Speaking