EduCast Platform

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EduCast Platform by Mind Map: EduCast Platform

1. Administration Systems

1.1. institution-wide class status

1.2. eBroadcast Channel

1.2.1. New node

1.3. New node

1.4. TeachSpace

1.4.1. online community for teachers to discuss best practices, trends in student behavior, concerns, ideas

2. Virtualized Campus Community Platform

2.1. Online social interaction

2.2. Group Hosting

2.3. New node

3. AccrediTrack

3.1. Aggregation point out to EduCast for composite analysis of entire installed base performance and trends across educational institution clients with EduCast accreditation or entities seeking accreditation who consent to data collection

3.2. data-mining & aggregation of multi-dimensional standards compliance monitoring

4. Educator's CRM

4.1. Student database

4.2. CoursePlan manager

4.3. ClassHub

4.3.1. AssignmentHub Lecture Podcast Library

4.3.2. StudySpace

5. Analytics & Statistics

5.1. Update team

5.2. School admin

5.3. Deparments

5.4. Teachers

5.5. students

5.6. Public