Mr. Coronartdis

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Mr. Coronartdis by Mind Map: Mr. Coronartdis

1. Nursing Diagnosis

1.1. decreased cardiac output r/t increased vascular resistance

1.2. altered body image r/t disease process

2. Signs and Symptoms

2.1. restlessness

2.2. increased blood pressure

2.3. cold clammy skin

2.4. chest pain

2.5. SOB

2.6. racing HR

2.7. nausea

2.8. diaphoresis

3. Interventions

3.1. assess pt condition

3.1.1. determine problems

3.2. monitor vital signs

3.2.1. use for baseline

3.3. have pt change positions

3.3.1. improve venous return

3.4. encourage relaxation techniques

3.4.1. reduce stress

3.5. encourage low salt low fat diet

3.5.1. prevent further complications

4. Goals/Planning

4.1. Pt will verbalize understanding of disease process

4.2. Pt will participate in interventions to decrease heart workload

5. Evaluation

5.1. assess for increase or decrease in S/S

5.1.1. pt will exhibit minimal S/S systolic pressure 140 or less, diastolic pressure 90 or less no whooshes or ticks auscultated in heart

5.1.2. pt will experience minimal or no discomfort

5.2. assess lab values for increase/decrease

5.2.1. pt lab values will be: cholesterol less than 180, HDL 40 or more, LDL 130 or less,

5.2.2. ALT 35 or less, AST 35 or less, CK 30-170, troponin T 0.03 or less

5.3. reassess with ultrasound, CT, and/or MRI for any changes

5.3.1. no or minimal blockages in arteries found

6. Assessment

6.1. Health Hx

6.2. head to toe assessment

6.3. assess VS

6.4. labs such as Lipids, ALT, AST, CK, cTNT

6.5. ultrasound, CT, and/or MRI

7. Outcome Focus

7.1. nurse focus

7.1.1. cholesterol control healthy lifestyle/diet

7.1.2. clot control proper management of medications

7.1.3. pt verbalizes knowledge of cholesterol control, clot control, medication compliance, healthy diet and lifestyle

7.2. patient focus

7.2.1. optimal level of comfort, no chest pain

7.2.2. able to avoid invasive procedures by managing disease with preventative measures

7.2.3. improve body image through positive lifestyle modifications

7.2.4. pt will be able to engage in activities they enjoy with minimal restrictions r/t disease process