Dinah as a template

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Dinah as a template by Mind Map: Dinah as a template

1. Goals

1.1. Discussing progress

1.2. What is our motivation for DS events?

1.3. What are our long term goals?

1.4. What are our short term goals?

1.5. How will we measure the success of our goals?

2. Stradegy

2.1. How will we act on this plan?

2.2. Rules and guidelines

2.3. What do we need to be successful and at what cost?

2.4. Who mandates what?

2.5. All resources that will be used

2.6. How will we be compensated?What will the splits be?

3. Vision

3.1. Where are we going?

3.2. Who are we at Dinah?

3.3. What will this do for The Lesbifriends Cartel?/What will we gain?

3.4. How will this effect our image? What changes can we expect?

4. Objective

4.1. What do we plan on achieving?

4.2. Products? What will our services be?

4.3. What will the event give the attendees/what can the expect?

4.4. What obstacles do we potentially face?

5. Mission

5.1. Marketing Niche

5.2. What do we plan to achieve?

5.3. Who is our market?

5.4. When do we start?