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"SHAPED BY THE GOSPEL" (Phil 1:27) by Mind Map: "SHAPED BY THE GOSPEL" (Phil 1:27)

1. #11 - Phil 4:10-23 // Bonds of friendship in the gospel

1.1. Paul's final words to these believers and thankfulness for their help and support and care. Generosity in friendship flows easily when the gospel shapes our relationships.

2. #10 - Phil 4:1-9 // Ethos of gospel community

3. #9 - Phil 3:12-4:1 // The prize of the gospel

4. #8 - Phil 3:1-11 // Gain and Lose in the gospel

4.1. Gain Christ, faith in Him, to be found in Him. These are the essentials of the gospel. We never move beyond them. They are the life of the believer, day in and day out. Do we understand them, do we love them, are they our pursuit?

5. #3 - Phil 1:12-18a // Gospel-centered ambition

5.1. Though Paul is in prison, the gospel continues to advance. This is what Paul is most concerned and rejoices in. God's hand works sovereignly for his purpose (getting the gospel forward), and for Paul, that meant that God needed to take him to prison.

6. #4 - Phil 1:18b-30 // Hope from the gospel

6.1. The gospel was born through suffering, the suffering of Jesus Christ. The good news that shapes our lives is that in suffering we were atoned for, and in resurrected life we were rescued. Therefore, our lives not only rejoice in his suffering, but participate in his suffering. But while we do that, it is not without hope, because through suffering Jesus was exalted, as will we be.

7. #7 - Phil 2:14-18 // Perseverance in the gospel

8. #8 - Phil 2:19-30 // Risk for the gospel

9. #2 - Phil 1:1-11 // Partners in the Gospel

9.1. Blog post # Elders

9.2. Blog post # Deacons

9.3. Blog - three qualities together - prayer, thanksgiving, and joy

10. #5 - Phil 2:1-11 // Unity in the gospel

11. #1 - Acts 16:1-40 // Gospel Beginnings

12. THESIS - The essence of Phil 1:27-30 shapes the entire epistle of Philippians. At it's heart, Paul is encouraging the Philippians to live out the gospel - in sorrow, in suffering, in opposition, in unity, in hope, and in pursuit. In essence, Paul is looking for a community to be

13. #6 - Phil 2:12-13 // Fruits of the gospel and God's sovereignty