Scientific Method

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Scientific Method by Mind Map: Scientific Method

1. 1. Ask A Question

1.1. Example: Is a Subway foot-long twice the size of a six inch sub?

2. 2/3. Form a Hypothesis

2.1. Example: If the length of a foot-long and a six inch sub are measured, then the foot long will be twice as long as the six inch sub, because six inches times 2 is 12 inches, or a foot.

3. 2/3. Make Observations

3.1. Example: The foot long looks longer than the six inch sub.

4. 4. Test the Hypothesis

4.1. Example: The length of the foot long sub was 12 inches, while the six inch sub was 6.05 inches.

5. 5. Analyze the Results

5.1. Example: 6.05 inches are almost twice as 12 inches, but there is a small difference between the two.

6. 6. Draw Conclusions

6.1. Example: Even though the numbers were not accurate to the point, there were other variables that you could not control, so therefore it is safe to assume that foot-longs are twice the length of six-inch subs.

7. 7. Communicate Results

7.1. Example: Sharing results with curious Subway customers.

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