10 Questions : The Executive System (Needs a real title, obv)

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10 Questions : The Executive System (Needs a real title, obv) by Mind Map: 10 Questions : The Executive System (Needs a real title, obv)

1. What the executive system is, and where it fits amid the other systems

1.1. Water versus Fire

1.2. What realms it covers

1.3. Some real life examples of situations wher eit comes up

1.4. The rest of the systems

1.5. Water in balance

1.5.1. How I use elements when thinking/talking about business

1.5.2. Water produces wood / marketing

1.5.3. Water is produced by metal / finance-legal

2. Why it is the foundation and what that means

2.1. Direction/focus/founder's energy

2.2. Balance/life/holism

2.3. Decision making power

3. How the systems theory and starting with this system will help you with balance while you create your practice

3.1. Because we put "work-life balance" in the executive system, it isn't seen as separate from business, but an essential part

3.2. The systems in general help you maintain appropriate focus on all the critical functions of your business

3.3. Starting with executive puts our attention where it should be at the beginning of starting our practice, provides a useful touchstone

4. 10 Essential Executive Questions

4.1. Water of Water

4.1.1. Establishing balance

4.1.2. The matter of other people

4.2. Wood of Water

4.2.1. Who you want to serve

4.2.2. Personal marketing evaluation

4.3. Fire of Water

4.3.1. Your deepest why

4.3.2. Your products and services

4.4. Earth of Water

4.4.1. Your basic location

4.4.2. Buy, rent lease or something else?

4.5. Metal of Water

4.5.1. Basic business model

4.5.2. Financing or no?

5. How to actually use these questions and the system in your planning and in the day-to-day life of a practitioner

5.1. The role of contemplation

5.2. Draft answers

5.3. Revision, sharing and more revision

5.4. Letting it rest

5.5. Use

5.5.1. Specific to each area - add there or here?