Media Entreprenuership

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Media Entreprenuership by Mind Map: Media Entreprenuership

1. Education-Training

1.1. 2. Media consumption training

1.2. 7. Google "unknown" tools ( like Google think) training for small business

1.3. 8. Media addiction treatment

1.4. 9. Media education for kids and teens ( don't mess your reputation online, you will not like it in the future)

1.5. 12. Internship university ( intern in top companies each month for a year focused on your career interests paying a monthly fee)

1.6. 13. Mentorship university( career and life advice with top leaders focused on your career goals)

1.7. 20. Kids tech council ( gather the best young talent that have leverage the media in their favor and provide a service to top companies interested to get advantage of this trends)

2. Experiences

2.1. 1.Celebrity exercise subscription: Follow a particular workout routine of a media personality in real time

2.2. 5. Personalize any brand product like Nike id tennis

2.3. 16. Stubhub service for plane tickets

2.4. 14. Stubhub service for business conferences and events

2.5. 6. 5 am discount services: Premium services offered an unusual hours to keep the business awake

2.6. 15. Stubhub service for galas and parties

2.7. 10. Service like birchbox that sends a gift to your partner ( flowers, chocolates etc) once a week and special occasions

3. Media Marketing Services

3.1. 11. Production media company for the service industry ( example restaurants producing a web episode a week with their best receipts)

3.2. 17. Bidding ads, example put your ad on time square in real time by making the biggest bid online

3.3. 19. Books creation for companies to use it as a promotion tool (example: create a book about the best practices in the fashion industry sponsored by refinary 29)

3.4. 3. Non profit - profit marketing (meaning create experiences such as the ice bucket challenge that benefit brands and social causes)

3.5. 18. Content production packages for small business ( weekly or monthly service to outsource your digital marketing presence)