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Infotention by Mind Map: Infotention

1. Mindful Infotention

1.1. Psyco-social Techno Skills

1.2. Brain Power Skills and Computer Powered filters

1.3. Crap Detection

1.4. Hybrid Infotentions

1.4.1. Twitter

1.5. Attention Management

2. Mindful Infotention Requirements

2.1. Attention Literacies

2.2. Information Filters

2.3. Tools for Thought

2.3.1. Cognitive

2.3.2. Social

2.3.3. Technological

3. Metacognition

3.1. Thinking About Thinking

3.2. John Flavell

3.2.1. Metacognitive Kowledge Knowledge Human Beings Learn Proccess Information Knowledge of Own Learning Proccess Knowledge of Tack Variables Cognitive and Metacognitive Strategies

3.2.2. Metacognitive Experience

3.3. Metacognitive Regulation

3.3.1. Understanding Text

3.3.2. Cognitive Goals

3.3.3. Self Questioning

3.4. Cognitive vs/ Metacognitive

3.4.1. Knowledge is Metacognitive if it is actively used in a strategic Manner

3.4.2. Possessing Knowledge about ones cognitive strengths and weaknesses

3.4.3. The nature of the Task without actively utilizing the info to oversee learning

3.5. Intellegence

3.5.1. Self Regulation

3.5.2. Meta Components

3.5.3. Central Intellegence

3.6. Cognitive Strategy

3.6.1. Regulate Processes for more effective learning

4. Scanning and Situational Awareness: A cure for Multitasking Drift?

4.1. Situational Awareness

4.1.1. Where am i and What am i doing?

4.1.2. Am i progressing towards my goa?

4.1.3. Am i in any danger or can i get to my goal faster?

4.2. Scanning

4.2.1. Building a Scan List online Tasks you want/ need to keep up with Organize in Order of Importance Most important to Least important Work on items that involve long term thinking after the scan is complete