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1 Man Shop "Experienced" Sample Mind Map by Mind Map: 1 Man Shop "Experienced"
Sample Mind Map
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1 Man Shop "Experienced" Sample Mind Map

Direct To The Public Marketing

Prior Client Marketing


What To Post

Frequency Of Posting

Target Audience

Traffic Strategies

Keywords To Include

Have The Proper Video Title

Set Up The Description Correctly

Set Up Your Channel Properly

Live Video

Screen Capture Video With Photos

Get Comments & Video Responses

Get Subscribers


What To Post, What Content Will My "Virtual Friends" Be Interested In

Frequency Of Posting

Who To Invite & How To Do It, Local Groups, Your Prior Clients, Your Real Estate Agent Referral Sources, Prospective Real Estate Agent Referral Sources, Let Facebook Do The Work, Mortgage Brokers

Set Up Your Fan Page, Contet To Add, Traffic Strategies

Setup Your Profile Properly, What To Add Initially, Updating Schedule

Target Audience, Home Buyers, Home Sellers, Real Estate Agents In Your Marketing Area, Anyone In Your Local Market That Knows A Home Buyer Or Seller, Influential People In Your Market Area, Mortgage Brokers

LinkedIn / Plaxo

Who To Invite

Setting Up Your Profile

Posting Frequency

Target Audience

Blog Talk Radio

Target Audience



SEO Strategies

Adding Show To 3rd Party Sites

Driving Traffic

Your Web Site/Blog

Upgrade Or Abandon Existing Site, Pros Of Upgrading, Cons Of Upgrading

No Site Currently, Get A Direct Response Blog

What Content Should Be On Your Site, Testimonials, Audio, Add Clients Picture, Video, Text, Add Clients Picture, Headline & Supporting Copy To Let Prospect Know WIIFM By Selecting You, Video Topics, Online Scheduling

Content Update Schedule, Update Videos & Testimonials Weekly

Traffic Strategies, Search Engine Optimization, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Paid Sources

Relationship Marketing (non-top producer)

Agent Re-Connect Strategies

Trigger To Send

What To Send


Agent Retention Strategies

Activities, Thank You Notes, Gifting, Realtor Marketing Tips

Teach CE Classes

How Does It Work In Your Area?, Own Your Own School, Instructor For Others

In Person Relationship Marketing

What Are Your Criteria For Selecting A Target Office, Minimum Number Of Agents, Must Be Able To Get In The Back Office, The Broker Isn't Hostile To Home Inspectors, There Are Educational Opportunities, There Are Social Opportunities, How Far Is The Office From Your House, Inspections Possible Per Month From The Office, Can You Put In A Chocolate House, Can You Leave Flyers And Other Leave Behind Material

Which Offices Are You Going To Select

What Opportunities Do You Have In Those Offices, Lunch & Learns, Which Offices, Frequency, Topics, Mold, FPE Panels, Aluminum Wiring, Synthetic Stucco, Chinese Drywall, Whatever's Current Or In The News, Sales Meetings, Which Offices, Topics, Frequency, Charity Events, Which Offices, Which Events In The Chosen Offices, Number Of Events Per Year, Budget Per Event, Personal Visits, Marketing Materials Needed, Flyers, What Type, Informational, Flyers That Will Help Them Or Their Client, Promotional, This Month's Special Offer, Recipes, Consider A Theme. If You Are Wanting To Loose Weight Give Out Low Fat Stuff, Sales Oriented, What's In It For The Agent By Referring You And You Firm, Giveaways, Sample Inspection Reports, Sample Agent Labels, Chocolate Houses, Birthday Parties, Social Event Sponsor Opportunities, Which Offices, How Many Per Year, JV Partners For The Event, Type Of Event, Other Educational Opportunities, Marketing Workshops, Topics, Frequency

Top Producer Marketing

Define Top Producer



How Will I Locate Them

Realtor Office Web Sites

Board Of Realtors Sites

Ask Agts In Your Target Offices

MLS Data

Collect Info in Feb/March When Top Producers Are Announced By Their Companies

What To Send

Retention, Gifting Program (if permitted/desired), Savings Bucks, Movie Tickets, Lottery Tickets (maybe), Gift Baskets, Holiday Gifts, Monthly Newsletter, HI Tip Of The Month, Agent Labels, For All Of Her Referrals, Special Thank You Cards, Add The House Inspected To The Front Of The Card, Charity Work, Send Out Cards, Holiday Cards, Birthday Card, Co-Promotion, Blog Talk Radio, Goals, Topics, Frequency, 1st Time Home Buyers Seminars, Which Top Produces Are Doing Them In Your Marketing Area, What Will You Present, PowerPoint Slides, Leave Behinds, What Will You Give Away, Travel Incentives, Savings Bucks, How Often Will You Do Them, How Will You Follow Up With These Prospects, Email, Monthly Newsletter, HI Tip Of The Month, Promotion Of The Month, Helpful First Time Home Buyer Stuff From Your Autoresponder, Tracking, Teleseminars, Topics, Short Sales, First Time Home Buyers, Foreclosures, Home Inspection Issues To Look Out For When Previewing a Property, Importance Of Getting Owners Title Insurance, Avoid Resell Troubles, Videos, Topics, Talking Head Videos, Live Videos

Aquisition, Lumpy Mail, Tee Shirts, Message In A Bottle, Send Out Cards, Monthly Drip Campaign, Letters, Use Only With Enclosures Like Scratch Off Coupons, etc., Use "Fake" Express Delivery Envelopes, Monthly Newsletter, HI Tip Of The Month

How Many Do You Need?

Who Is On Their Team

Mortgage Brokers

Where Do I find A List Of Mortgage Brokers

Web Sites, Top Real Estate Agents, Their Own Web Sites, Web Sites Where Realtors Hang Out

List Broker

Their Associations, Do A Google Search For Your Area, Do They Accept Affiliates, Cost, Benefits, Opportunities, Can You Attend Their Meetings, Can You Advertise In Their Publications, Online Opportunities, OffLine Opportunities, Will They Email Blast Out Your Message, Can You Rent Their Membership List For Direct Mail

State Regulatory Agencies

The Search Engines, Type "Mortgage Broker" & Your City Or Town

What Message Do Mortgage Brokers Want To Hear From Home Inspectors

Message Is The Same One The Clients Want To Hear

What Information Do I Send Mortgage Brokers

Lead Generation, Send Out Cards, Content Ideas, Frequency, Lumpy Mail, Tee Shirts, Letters With Enclosures, Use Fake "Express Mail" Envelopes

Retention, Send Out Card Campaigns, Thank You Cards, Birthday Cards, Special Occasion Cards, Gifting Program, Movie Tickets, Savings Bucks, Travel Incentives

How Do I Send Information To Mortgage Brokers

Direct Mail


How Frequently Do I Send Information To Mortgage Brokers

Lead Generation, Monthly

Retention, At Least Monthly

Social Networking Strategies For Mortgage Brokers



My Blog

Blog Talk Radio

LinkedIn / Plaxo

Join Venture Opportunities With Mortgage Brokers

Seminars & Workshops

Blog Talk Radio / Teleseminars

Advertising, Online, Offline

Social Functions, Activities, Which Offices / Agents, Goal Of The Event


Who's Referring You

How Many Inspections A Month

Cost Of The Strategy