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Latin America April-December by Mind Map: Latin America April-December
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Latin America April-December

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

Social Responsibility

Internal Recruiting

In-deph Analyst

Local CRM Translator

New Strategies

Regus Virtual Office Contract done by August. Do not renew

Change Business Cards with New Address

Look for other Strategic Alliances

Targeting Young Professionals

Organize Trips for Associates to Latin America

Kara Bundy

Mark Epp

Mark Bertche



Channel Partner Expectations

Schedule Meetings with

Francisco Diaz CORONA

Fabio Villegas AVIANCA






Executive Forums Meetings



Speaking Engagements

Executive Forums Cali/Medellin WHEN?

EO Forums

Executive Forums 85 Lima August 19

Kimberly's Visit

Carolina? EO

Webinar May 4

Cardio Infantil


Meet with Juan Jose


Check with Alvaro and Rafael every week on the status of 8 meetings

External Recruiting

Build a Database

Current Client Trips

VIVO - Guadalajara

JW Marriott, Mexico

Profuturo - Lima

WONG - Lima

Aqua - Iquitos




Send bi-monthly nurturing e-mails to, Vicente, Juan Jose, Lina/Gerardo, Eduardo, Francesco/Francisco, Jorge Berrio

Serve as a communications hub for Spanish Team and Latin American clients

Conduct Binary Interviews in Spanish

Prepare Proposals and Onboarding Documents

Set up Meetings

Follow up with current leads (CRM)

Prepare Materials and Agendas for Internal Meetings

Write for internal newsletter on Latin America/Spanish Team

Lead Editor

Help with event planning - Summits, Company-wide Latin America update meetings, Webinars

Take minutes on Salesforce during our meetings/phone calls

Prepare associate international travel/apply for appropriate visas

Conduct bi-monthly Latin America update meeting

Prepare travel and agendas for client and channel partner visits to Talent Plus

Make sure client revenue forecasts are up to date

Manage process for translating and editing documents

Manage any prospects/clients involved in OSI studies

Provide LEAD team with information regarding leads and business development in Latin Amercia

Initiate Social Responsibility efforts in Latin America

Manage current client accounts - monitor recertifications/cultureview projects


Generate New Leads

Write Educational Proposals

Conduct Executive Interviews

Nurture, AQUA?, HQSP, VIVO 47, Estrategia y Gestion

Serve as a Technology Consultant

Conduct Certifications/Recertifications

Lead Spanish Web site Initiative

Conduct Binary Interviews


Conduct Executive Feedbacks

Nurture, WONG, JW Marriott Lima, JW Marriott Mexico??, Estrategia y Gestion, Ines Temple (Peru) / Future partners in Chile?

La Nota Topics, Ejecutivas Exitosas 29-Abr 300 Empresas PLATINUM 04-Jun Posgrados 28-May Salud y Bienestar Laboral 25-Jun Top Servicios Petroleros 26-Jul Vademecum 06-Sep Universidades 27-Sep Lideres Pymes 29-Oct Especial Antioquia 17-Nov 100 Regalos Premium 17-Nov Servicios Empresariales 09-Dic

Make his own Travel Reservations for travel within Latin America

Qualify Current Leads

Generate New Leads

Conduct Executive Interviews

Write Educational Proposals

Make Sales Visits

Set Meetings for Kimberly

Generate Monthly Reports

Communicate with Kimberly (Send bimonthly e-mails/calls)

Create New Semminars

Design Crete and Execute a Web 2.0 initiative, Linkedin, Twitter, Chatter (SalesForce), Create a Web 2.0 Collaborative Solution for executives

Event Planning


Format translated version of new solution paths/Mission, Vision, Promise

New node