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Information Hub by Mind Map: Information Hub
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Information Hub

Objective: To provide easy access to important information. At a time of growing Information Overload, this will become the place where relevant and well qualified information can be found with ease. If a community member has a favourable experience with an information source or with a disabled equipment vendor, we recommend it to become linked to this Info Hub. In due time  we will have created a most helpful and valuable information source that will be of increasing value to members.

Useful Equipment





Support Workers

Care Recipients

Service Providers Vic

Performance Rating



Rare Diseases

"Just writing my story was very therapeutic. I had felt alone and it was good to hear from other AVMembers. It also makes me feel better when I can help others." - Connie T

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Help & Learn

In due time we will list here all Services which can be of help to Community Members.

My Web2Care

Emergency Services

On-Line Learning

Self Directed Care

Direct Employment

Direct Payments

Other Self Directed


Use this area to store key website links and documents relating to specific Neurological Diseases. Add attachments and hyperlinks at the click of a button.