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Service Design by Mind Map: Service Design
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Service Design

intro Defining Service

Defining service

Wikipedia def,, Intangible, Perishable, Inseparable, Simultaneous, Variable

application to game

all about, brand, long tail, more profit, less risks

example of game services, MMOs, Online games, Rock Band, CoD, Social games, iPhone/ Android, Not all of them, Consoles, XBLA / Xbox live experience, PSN

A Matter of How and Why

service has always existed for games

Different form, Collector edition, Expansion packs, High score

Need to expand and embrace further

Wikipedia defition, Intangible, Digital, Perishable, When you don't play, it is not a game, Inseperable, Not sure on this one. No service provider so to speak. Except some instances (Arcade machines), Simultaneous, Obivous one, Variable, Each experience is unique, that's the nature of games

Disclaimer § May not be true for other people definition of a service

Practical View on Service\rDesign § What can you\rdesign

Account Management

Billing, Key to make money, right?, Payment systems, Make them varied, Credit card, Prepaid cards, SMS/ premium landline, And all you cna think of, Adding a payment system will add incremental revenue and wont eat on the other ones, Make it easy, limit choice (see above, Jagex, Streamline the process as much as possible, clear communication, Invocie access, Example for all, World of Warcraft, Fight fraud, Fraud is fought through design as well, Jagex, Stephen davis' book, Cash Shop, Ubiquitous, Web, Ingame, more?

Login in, Username, Custom Username, Most games, Predefined, Virgin frequent fly system, email address

Accounts, Registration flow, easy, suitable for your audience, age for kids, EU privacy issues, Quick and contextual if possible, IP detection, pre filled forms, easy to access, Consider facebook connect, Accounts rights, Special powers, special users, Trial accounts

Localisation (how is this part of the service?)

Quality, English quality is often pushed in games, If Original version quality is important, why not the other languages?, Star Wars TOR, Pushing it too much? but beside the point, Quality doesn't cost much more than low quality in the end., It is a matter of caring about it, Examples, Kobvieux in everquest

Process, Need engineering, Whose responsability is this?, Who defines the features?, examples, Funny Auto Assault Fraulein bug, Weird sentence structure in games, ???, Guild Wars examples, Can over engineer this, Need for strong process, Not just the game, but also the website, the box, the announcement, all the small things that you do., Start from the content creation all the way to the publishing of the content, examples?

How far to go?, Chat channels, Communication/ community, No hole. No process = bad things happening, Aion server messages, Customer support

Why, Image, User Comfort, Retention


Communication, Chat system, Features, Taboo/Filter systems

Downloading, Altitude

Patching, Transparent, Download in the background features, Placeholder better than not playing?

Installation, Altitude





Access of the service

QA/ testing

Involved the community, How easy is it to report a problem?, What data are actually directly pulled from the place of reporting, Test environment

Inform the community



FB integration


Buddy List

Guild design, Can get very sophisticated, Guild "services", hosted space, forums / sub-forums

Crowdsourcing tools,,







Customer interaction

Business Model






Chat channels

Customer support